Resident Evil 4 Animation Is Adorable and Unsettling Equally

Random: Resident Evil 4 Animation Is Adorable and Unsettling Equally

Even though the Switch version of Resident Evil 4(visit the official website here) isn’t getting the HD remake treatment this Friday, we can still appreciate Capcom’s promotional efforts. Indeed, the first action-survival horror game was released on GameCube in 2005 (and don’t you forget it!).

In addition to the usual trailers and coverage that have been appearing over the past few months, Capcom has recently published a new animated short based on the game, and it’s… well, it’s frightening.

The video is uncomfortable, but not in an “oh my god, I can’t sleep at night anymore” way; rather, the juxtaposition of the video’s adorable visual style with the blatant violence in its last minutes is unnerving.

Because of this, I highly recommend watching the animation in the linked video. After all, Capcom calls it “episode 1,” so we should get to see more cartoons later this week starring our favorite government agent and Las Plagas-infected villagers.

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