Pokemon Artist Humanizes

Pokemon Artist Humanizes Chikorita, Bayleef, and Meganium

The three most well-known Pokemon, Chikorita, Bayleef, and Meganium, have been reimagined as humans by a great Pokemon artist. This famous trio is frequently depicted in Pokemon fanart because of its widespread renown. The three share similar appearances, abilities, and vulnerabilities since they stem from the same evolutionary branch.

In the second episode set in the Johto region, Ash initially encounters Chikorita and captures it. Chikorita is a fan favorite due to its adorable design, which features a leaf on its head and a body formed of grass. Like other Grass-type Pokemon, Chikorita excels against the opposing kinds of Ground, Water, and Rock.

Three intriguing human conceptions, based on the Chikorita evolution line, were posted to Reddit by a user named Endifi. Over 200 upvotes show that fans are interested in the idea, and many of them have complimented the design of all three of the proposed models. The initial idea is called “Megania,” and it’s extremely simple like the Chikorita in appearance.

Pokemon Artist Humanizes
Pokemon Artist Humanizes

The most distinctive feature of this Pokemon’s appearance is the leaf perched on its head, and its distinctive haircut complements this iconic feature. Melania wears a loose jacket decorated with leaves; the collar is reminiscent of the dark green buds that grow on Chikorita’s neck. In the anime episode “Foul Weather Buddies,” Chikorita transforms into Bayleef to help Ash.

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The second character in the post, “Bayor the Bayleef,” nicely captures the more developed body and long leafy tail of the second stage. The second image is of a taller model dressed similarly to the first, down to the collar. While the first two ideas were warmly accepted, “Adult Megania the Meganium” was the clear winner, with many commenters agreeing that it should be the last Pokemon evolution.

Meganium’s signature flower necklace has been converted into a sophisticated skirt that adds a touch of class to the idea. All three ideas successfully humanize the look of each Pokemon and convey something of their character.

Reddit user Endifi is well-known for their humanized versions of Pokemon, and their most recent fanart features the last two Johto starters, Cyndaquil and Totodile. Fans of the Pokemon franchise can let their imaginations run wild with the possibility of a com Pokemon Artist Humanizespelling game or series in which the main characters are humanized versions of the Pokemon, as in the Digimon Frontier anime.

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