Paradox Form for Ninetales

An Excellent Paradox Form for Ninetales, Created by a Pokemon Fan

A dedicated Pokemon fan has drawn fan-favorite Ninetales in what they imagine its futuristic Paradox form would look like. The introduction of the Paradox forms in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet has sparked a flood of creative works in which fans imagine what their beloved Pokemon could have looked like in the past or the future. Taking the Fire-type Pokemon Ninetales, this latest piece of Pokemon fanart imagines what it would look like in the far future.

Paradox forms are a feature unique to the latest generation of Pokemon games. The plot of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet involves some time travel. As a result of all that messing with time, many Pokemon in their Paradox forms made it to the present day. Some of the most popular Pokemon are reimagined as robotic versions of themselves in Pokemon Violet. Pokemon Scarlet features a cast of ancient Pokemon that look like they stepped out of the Jurassic period.

 Paradox Form for Ninetales
Paradox Form for Ninetales

Artist LukeTheCyberpunk wanted to create their own Paradox-form Pokemon, so they gave Ninetales a futuristic makeover. Instead of only being a Fire-type Pokemon, they are now a Fire/Fairy-type Pokemon, and their Ninetales is called the Iron Nonuple. The Ninetales have bright red eye and is clad in gold robotic armor. Paradox-form Ninetales, on the other hand, features brilliant pink floating pointed cylinders instead of long, fluffy tails.

However, when designing the tails for the new Ninetales, LukeTheCyberpunk had a very specific goal in mind. They claim that when they drew them, lava lamps were on their minds. While this may seem like a strange decision at first, the resulting layout is intriguing.

According to Gamerant, The Ninetales isn’t LukeTheCyberpunk’s first attempt at a Paradox form. They have a lengthy history of coming up with new ideas; for example, Paradox versions of Porygon, Jumpluff, Solrock, and Lunatone are in the works. They’re probably not finished yet either. Seeing what other new Pokemon designs they come up with in the future will be exciting.

Do you know that The three most well-known Pokemon, Chikorita, Bayleef, and Meganium, have been reimagined as humans by a great Pokemon artist? This famous trio is frequently depicted in Pokemon fanart because of its widespread renown-

Pokemon Artist Humanizes Chikorita, Bayleef, and Meganium

The scarcity of official Paradox forms is one reason why constructing your own is so popular among Pokemon aficionados. Only 16 Paradox-form Pokemon, including Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, are available at this time. Although, more will be unveiled in upcoming updates for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Maybe Game Freak will get ideas from all the fan-made content. Both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are now downloadable for use on Switch.

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