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Minecraft Legends:Instructions for the Chest of the Villagers

In Minecraft: Legends, users take control of the Overworld’s citizens as they fight off the invading Piglin Horde. Players will need a lot of materials to succeed, what with fortifying their positions, refueling their spawners, and fending off an endless horde of Piglins.

Players in Minecraft Legends aren’t completely on their own in the resource-gathering effort, since the Allays can and should assist them. The villagers will spend the day gathering supplies for the defense and storing them in the Village Chest, which may be accessed at any time. Successfully utilizing the Villager Chests and the donations they contain is essential to securing the victory.

How Villager Chests Work in Minecraft Legends

If the Village Fountain has not been depleted to zero health and made inoperable, Villager Chests can be discovered there and are restocked by the Villagers each morning.

Minecraft Legends
Minecraft Legends

To open the chest, players need to walk up to it and hold down the interact button. When opened, its contents will be added to the player’s stockpile, and whatever the player doesn’t need at the time will be stored in the chest until it is needed again. Wood and Stone can be found in abundance in all settlements, and Prismarine can be found in reasonable numbers. However, gamers that require additional materials will have to travel to certain settlements.

Players can learn what unique resource a village produces by hovering the mouse over it on the World Map. These resources include coal, iron, diamonds, and Redstone. If a player needs a specific resource, they should not have too much trouble finding it, as World Generation typically creates at least one village for each resource.

The “Improvement: Shared Village Chests” mod makes managing Villager Chests much simpler by letting the player access all of the chests in a village with a single action. This is a very helpful upgrade because it connects all of the Villager Chests in the Overworld and allows players to replenish their full inventory in a single stop.

Minecraft Legends
Minecraft Legends

By taking care of the Villages, players may guarantee they will never run out of vital resources, which in turn dramatically improves their defenses and army strength. The PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Nintendo Switch can all play Minecraft Legends.

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