Hogwarts Legacy Has a Creepy

Hogwarts Legacy Has a Creepy Room of Requirements Deek Would Hate

A player from the action RPG Hogwarts Legacy reveals that they have discovered a horrific Room of Requirement display piece that the house-elf Deek would most likely despise. It’s no surprise that devoted Hogwarts Legacy players would want their fans to know every detail about the furnishings they’ve selected for their Room of Requirement.

Hogwarts Legacy has been available on a variety of gaming platforms for less than two months. Despite the game’s rocky introduction due to controversy, it has gone on to achieve commercial and critical success. Below is the official trailer for Hogwarts Legacy, which can be viewed right here-

The community of players appears to be keeping themselves busy these days by creating exciting items like fan art and mods for other players to enjoy. While players appear to have taken a keen interest in creating one-of-a-kind hangout spots for their main character, some of these mods center on the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement.

A Reddit user by the name of ultradespairthot recently found an unsettling in-game item in the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Require and posted a screenshot of it. Mounted House-Elf Heads is the name of the product shown, which is a figurine of a house elf.

The horrifying description of the piece, in which players are given the option to display “decapitated skulls” of house elves in their Room of Requirement, is sure to draw the attention of fans. These decorative components are presumably still present in the action-RPG Hogwarts Legacy, as the game’s primary story takes place before the Harry Potter books and films.

Several Redditors appear to have insider knowledge of the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement item; one user revealed to the group that decapitating house elves was a common practice within the Wizarding World’s Black families.

Hogwarts Legacy Has a Creepy
Hogwarts Legacy Has a Creepy

As a friendly house-elf named Deek is in charge of assisting the player character in setting up their Room of Requirement, it seems that other commentators share their horror of the decorative element. Many people have also poked fun at Deek, arguing that this is merely the game’s way of keeping him in line.

Some gamers are still interested in finding the Room of Requirement mounted object, even though the very idea of it is horrific. Because of the game’s role-playing elements, players of Hogwarts Legacy can use the disturbing item to demonstrate their character’s potential for evil in the Wizarding World.

The PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S versions of Hogwarts Legacy are now available, with the PS4 and Xbox One versions following on May 5 and the Nintendo Switch port following on July 25.

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