Genshin Impact Announces Update 3.7 Character Kirara

Genshin Impact Announces Update 3.7 Character Kirara

Kirara, a new playable character announced for Genshin Impact, will be available in patch 3.7. With each new patch, the game adds more characters to choose from. With the latest patch, fans of the Ayaka and Shenhe double banner may root for a new four-star Cryo user named Mika.

Gamers who desire Mika or one of the other restricted characters should act quickly because their banner is scheduled to expire on March 11. Genshin Impact update 3.6 has yet to hit live servers, but the upcoming roster expansion for version 3.7 has already been announced on the game’s official social media channels.

HoYoverse’s developer has continued their trend of advertising new characters with a full update cycle before they ever arrive. The character Kirara, who has been mentioned in multiple leaks over the past few of weeks, now gets splash art, thanks to the game’s official Twitter account.

The Komaniya Express is well-known in Inazuma, and the announcement indicated that she works for the company. It is also revealed that she is a Youkai, a fabled monster from Japanese folklore distinguished by the constant movement of her two tails. Kirara has a stellar reputation among her clients in Inazuma for her dedication to her profession and her cheerful, prompt demeanor.

Below is the official tweet, which can be found here-

Kirara turned down a promotion to a secretarial role at Komaniya Express from her manager because she enjoys the variety of her current job as a delivery driver. The fact that she is a new Dendro character in Genshin Impact is the only thing we know for sure regarding her combat prowess.

She will be the second sword user with a Dendro Vision after Alhaitham, according to trustworthy leakers who correctly anticipated her element, though no official details have yet been released.

Genshin Impact Announces Update 3.7 Character Kirara
Genshin Impact Announces Update 3.7 Character Kirara

Genshin Impact version 3.7 may feature four reruns if Kirara lives up to expectations and becomes a new four-star character. Given the recent influx of Dendro users into the HoYoverse, some comments have suggested that readers would have expected her to have a different Vision.

Baizu and Kaveh, two Dendro characters, were announced to be making an appearance on the second banner of the 3.6 updates during the recently conducted Special Program event. The Dendro Archon Nahida, also known as Minor Lord Kusanagi, will make a return appearance in this version (3.6). Launching today for mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5 is the action game Genshin Impact. There are plans for a Switch release.

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