Five Video Games That Need to Be Redone Badly Before 2023

Five Video Games That Need to Be Redone Badly Before 2023

The year 2023 was fantastic for the gaming industry, kicking out with strong releases like Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and surprising hits like Hi-Fi Rush, and then climaxing with a slew of AAA heavy hitters.

Unexpectedly, this year has also been known as the “year of remakes,” with a slew of classic series from the prior generation or two receiving updated graphics and gameplay, the best example being Dead Space’s surprisingly good remake.

If you’re looking for a list of games that need to be remade in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. While remakes of classics like Resident Evil 4 and System Shock are still on the way for this year, this article will describe five games that are long overdue for a new release.

5 titles that potentially use a remake in 2023

Here are five games that deserve the Resident Evil 4 remake treatment as soon as possible, ranging from role-playing action-adventure games like Assassin’s Creed to hack-and-slash genre-defining games like Devil May Cry-

5. Assassin’s Creed

The original Assassin’s Creed stands out in the minds of fans as the game that set the bar for the series; it was an ambitious RPG with an exciting premise that actually delivered.

 Five Video Games That Need to Be Redone Badly Before 2023

Despite its continued availability on current-gen consoles and computers (such as the PC and Xbox Series X/S), the game’s dated aesthetics and stiff gameplay make it feel like a world apart from the cutting-edge blockbusters of today.

Ubisoft has just uploaded the Assassin’s Creed Cello Trailer to their official account, and you really must see it.

So, the original Assassin’s Creed game would benefit most from a remake similar to the Resident Evil 2 remake in terms of quality-of-life improvements, including graphical and gameplay upgrades as well as narrative tweaks to better fit the game’s flow.

 4. Persona 3

Persona 3 Portable, a remaster released this year for current-gen platforms and PC, is based on the PlayStation Portable original and retains that version’s peculiarities. In particular, the return to a visual novel style structure and the lack of any 3D models outside of Tartarus.

Furthermore, the post-campaign downloadable content (DLC) that was included in the FES version is greatly missed in the re-release.

Hence, in 2023, it would be perfect to revisit the game in a full remake in the vein of Persona 5 Royal with all added content from the FES edition mixed with the gameplay improvements of P3P, winning over the hearts of both long-time fans of the series and newbies to the franchise.

3. Devil May Cry

Dante is the epitome of badassness in the renowned hack-and-slash series Devil May Cry. Capcom’s revamped take on the hack-and-slash series, Devil May Cry 5, features stunning visuals and grittier combat than previous entries in the series, making for a delightfully modern take on the franchise.

The first Devil May Cry game was once part of the Resident Evil 4 production before splitting off. To coincide with the impending release of the Resident Evil 4 remake, it would be appropriate for Capcom to re-create the first Devil May Cry game in its entirety, updating the graphics and controls while remaining true to the original’s story and gameplay.

2. Deus Ex

If you have the time and dedication, Deus Ex, the iconic role-playing video game that popularized the dystopian cyberpunk genre, is still a terrific game to play in the year 2023. A magnificent tale with forks and revolutionary routes was established in the original game, and its sequels, Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, were just as good.

The original Deus Ex is charming, but it has started to show its age since it was released on PC 23 years ago, with dated aesthetics and very clunky gameplay that would benefit significantly from a remake.

1. Metal Gear Solid

“Kept you waiting, huh?”

Since Metal Gear Solid’s widespread distribution on the PlayStation, fans of the Metal Gear series have been obsessed with that one line.

Fans of the original PlayStation classic have been demanding a remake in the Fox Engine’s style ever since the release of Metal Gear Solid V, which was widely considered to be a critical and commercial failure. The creator’s departure from Konami and the series’ subsequent decline into oblivion were both terrible developments, but the announcement of a remake of Silent Hill 2 gives reason for optimism.

Fans of the series are holding out hope that a remaster for current-gen systems is in the works, with improved graphics and gameplay in the vein of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Yes, it is difficult to suffer the phantom sorrow of a fading classic.

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