Ben Napier Weight Loss

Ben Napier Weight Loss: Star of “Home Town,” Opens Up About His Struggling Weight

After the birth of his kid a little over a year ago, HGTV star Ben Napier’s life completely shifted. Having recently become a parent along with his wife and co-star Erin, he knew it was time to focus on his health.

The star of Home Town shed 55 pounds in a year thanks to a change in diet and exercise routine he implemented while filming the show. According to Napier, age 35, he did it for his loved ones.

He told Today-

“Bringing Helen home and getting to experience those first few weeks with her and seeing how fast things change with children, it got my attention. She was different every day, and I want to experience as much of her life as possible. I want a long life so I can be there for Erin and Helen.” 

Napier was also aware of his own personal health history. He wrote on Instagram in February.

“I come from a long line of big men who don’t really discuss their health until it’s an issue.In 2014, one month before his 60th birthday, my father had emergency bypass surgery. Suddenly, this problem that seemed so far from me was standing right in front of me.”

” Although I have made efforts to eat healthy and to exercise, it never seemed more real until I held this blue-eyed girl that is equal parts Erin and me and a whole lot more than I deserve in my arms. I never want to leave her side, which means taking care of my heart has to be a major priority.”

Soon after Helen was born in January 2018, he made the decision to make a shift. Because of the holidays, finishing out season two of the program, and adjusting to life as a new dad, the 6’6″ Napier weighed around 335 pounds at the time.
Ben Napier Weight Loss
Ben Napier Weight Loss
He told Today-

“I started getting back on the wagon last January — I think most of us do during that time of year.I had really overindulged and had put on more weight than I normally would during the holidays. So I had to really work on it.”

Napier reduced his carb intake and began exercising four to five times per week, focusing on cardio and weight lifting.
He said-

“I don’t get bored playing basketball and could play for hours if I had the time. I’ve also done some intermittent fasting a couple of days a week.”

Despite the constant temptation of the craft services snack table on set, Napier was able to keep to his new lifestyle.

He said-

 “The most challenging part has been the craft services at work and catered lunches. Fifteen years ago, you give me snacks all day and a catered lunch, I’d be in heaven, but while filming Season 3, it was torture.”
 Erin affirmed her love for Ben regardless of his weight, but she is especially happy about his progress given his family background.
she said-

“I used to have this recurring dream that we go to the doctor and he tells us Ben’s heart is failing and he doesn’t have much time left.” 

“In one dream, I threw a ‘going away’ party for him where everyone he’d ever known came to send him off, to say their goodbyes, and I kept my arms around him, my ear to his chest so I could hear the steady beat of his heart. I would wake up in a cold sweat with tears in my eyes.”

So when Ben wakes Erin up at dawn to play basketball, she does so cheerfully.
she said-

“Every time I hear that ball bounce, I think of his heart beating so fast and staying strong, and I imagine us old and gray together. That makes me really happy.”

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