Where to Watch Lord of War?

Where to Watch Lord of Waɼ? Complete Guide to Finding It Online!

After being detained in Russia for ten months on suspicion of dɼug trafficking, Brittney Griner is now returning to the United States. The “Merchant of Deth,” a notorious international arms dealer, and President Joe Biden exchanged prisoners for the release of the WNBA star.

According to The New York Times, former Soviet military translator Viktor Bout was originally detained by American authorities in Thailand in 2008 before being found guilty of conspiring to kll Americans three years later.

He was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison after the Russian government objected to his extradition to the United States and claimed he was innocent. However, completed only 11 years of his sentence before being exchanged for Griner by Biden.

If Bout’s tale sounds slightly familiar to you, it’s likely because you may have seen a similar plot in Nicolas Cage’s 2005 cɼime drama Lord of Waɼ. Everything we know about where to watch the movie is listed below:

Where to Watch Lord of Waɼ?

Where to Watch Lord of War?
Where to Watch Lord of War?

Lord of Waɼ is available to HBO Max customers on the streaming service owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. Otherwise, you may rent the film for $3.99 on digital distribution channels like Google Play, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

Lord of Waɼ chronicles the life of Yuri Orlov (Cage), from his early business contacts with local mobsters to his far greater positions in the industry, including selling weapons used in war cɼimes to Israeli and Lebanese troops during the Lebanon Waɼ in the 1980s. Have a look at this official tweet from IGN down below:

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The well-known arms dealer loosely inspired Cage’s role even though the movie was released in 2005, three years before Bout was arɼested. The main distinction is that Cage manages to avoid legal trouble with American authorities, whereas Bout was found guilty of his cɼimes.

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