What Happened To Bonnie In Security Breach

What Happened To Bonnie In Security Breach: Why Is Bonnie Not Included In The FNAF Security Breach?

The gaming community is in a state of panic over Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach, the newest part of the popular family-friendly horror game series, which was released in 2021. Animatronics and new characters like Roxanne Wolf and Montgomery Gator were soon spotted by viewers of the latest show. However, the Fazbears’ go-to bunny, Bonnie, was nowhere to be found. Keep reading to know what happened to Bonnie in Security Breach.

The only time we see Bonnie during the game is when he makes an appearance through The Blob. And many of his admirers will be disappointed to see Bonnie absent for the majority of the game. The fact that Bonnie’s true status hasn’t even been revealed by the game’s developers is the most intriguing part.

Fans also saw that Monty was now playing in her place, which led to speculation about where Bonnie had disappeared to. Players in FNAF Security Breach are perplexed as to why Bonnie is switched out for Monty. In fact, people have begun to wonder if Monty was responsible for Bonnie’s death. The switch from Bonnie to Monty, in their minds, must portend something dreadful.

Who Is Bonnie?

Some of the more devoted FNAF fans will know that Bonnie is a big bad guy in the games. In the first Five Nights at Freddy’s game, he made his debut as a stuffed rabbit belonging to the titular pizzeria.

Between the hours of Midnight and 6 AM, Bonnie, like many of the other animatronics in the game, is free to wander and will kill any human he comes across.

What Happened To Bonnie In Security Breach?

It’s important to note that Bonnie is not a playable character in FNAF: Security Breach; he just makes random guest appearances. Bonnie makes an appearance in Security Breach through ‘The Blob,’ a secret animatronic enemy made out of a variety of various characters. With parts from classic animatronics like the Circus Baby, Chica, and Bonnie, among many others, The Blob is one of the most formidable foes in the show’s history.

How come Bonnie isn’t a playable character in the game? In any case, one astute Reddit member has noticed multiple references to Bonnie’s departure in Security Breach. It appears from these notes that Bonnie was a key member of the original lineup before she became unwell and Monty stepped in to replace her.

Was Bonnie’s Death the Result of Monty’s Hand?

It was clear to players from early on that Bonnie and Monty’s tale was not complete. Players realized that before Bonnie vanished, he had been observed entering Monty Golf late at night, and this led them to suspect that Monty was responsible for his abduction based on the clues they had collected. The fact that Monty has emerged as a key figure at the attractions, usurping Bonnie’s former roles there, lends credence to this theory.

It has also been reported that, despite the fact that workers have been gradually removing much of the Bonnie merchandise that had been available, children have continued to inquire about the whereabouts of the missing bunny, and the remaining workers have been unable to provide satisfactory explanations. This has apparently prompted a proposal to rename the bowling wing so that younger patrons won’t feel compelled to ask any more inquiries. Even while this doesn’t prove that Bonnie is dead, many people are drawing the conclusion that whatever happened to him was too horrific to discuss with children.

We don’t know if Bonnie was genuinely slain (or by Monty, for that matter) or is just temporarily unavailable. That again, there are enough unanswered questions here to make us think this isn’t the last we’ll hear about Bonnie in Five Nights at Freddy’s games, and it’s very conceivable the devs may provide us with answers in one of the subsequent sequels.

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Why Is Bonnie Not Included In The FNAF Security Breach?

Why Is Bonnie Not Included In The FNAF Security Breach

Having gone out of commission, Bonnie is no longer playable in FNAF Security Breach. It’s unfortunate that fan favorite Bonnie isn’t really in the game, but he is referenced indirectly throughout. The Pizzaplex personnel were removing all Bonnie-related goods, as disclosed in a note. However, kids were always wondering where he was because of his fame. Management felt compelled to create a bowling alley theme based on his exploits after that.

Even Freddy makes reference to him when he says that the Pizzaplex no longer has a Rabbit. Additionally, when inside Glamrock Freddy, you can hear him say something about Bonnie if you approach the stage of the Ice Cream parlor in Bonnie Bowl. He’ll explain how he stopped going there once Bonnie moved away.

How Come Foxy Wasn’t In The FNAF Data Break?

Foxy’s absence from FNAF Security Breach is never explained, but at least there are easter eggs. Both a plushie toy and a temporary store can be found at Rockstar Row. But it’s not entirely certain that there was ever a Glamrock version of the notorious pirate, unlike Bonnie. There is a faction of fans who think the developers swapped out Roxanne with Glamrock Foxy.

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