The Grand Tour Season 5

The Grand Tour Season 5: What Will The Boys Do At Russian Border?

Following a couple of years during which The Grand Tour was disrupted by lockdowns and travel restrictions, the show is finally getting back on the road for a new arctic journey. Everything you need to know about The Grand Tour Season 5.

A journey through Scandinavia and the Arctic Circle is going to be the topic of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond’s next episode, which will air in 2022 and be titled “A Scandi Flick.”

In the past, the three of them have competed in snowy events such as a Top Gear Polar special in 2007, in which they raced to the Magnetic North Pole in Canada and a Grand Tour studio episode that took place in Kakslauttanen, which is located in Finland.

The boys will spend the majority of their time in this new special that will air in 2022 traversing the breathtaking landscape of Norway on their way to their final destination on the Russian border.

The news that James May was injured in a dramatic crash while filming a stunt for the series has already spread, so it is safe to assume that the special will be filled with a lot of action and excitement.

The Grand Tour Season 5 Plot/Story

The Grand Tour is pleased to present: On September 16th, 2022, the premiere of A Scandi Flick will take place on Prime Video.

Jeremy, Richard, and James embark on their first road trip since the pandemic in the premiere episode of season 5, which takes place in the icy wastelands of the Scandinavian Arctic Circle.

The boys, behind the wheel of their three favorite rally cars, set off on an adventure that is sure to end in disaster. Along the way, they will encounter Cold War submarine bases, frozen lake racetracks, crashes, and chaos in ski resorts as they attempt to drag their homemade houses from the coast of Norway to the Russian border.

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The Grand Tour Season 5 Cast

The majority of the cast will almost certainly return for the fifth season. Richard Hammond will continue to play his role as Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson will reprise his role as Jeremy Clarkson. The driver will be portrayed by actor Abbie Eaton, along with James May, who will take on the role of Mike Skinner (The American) (James May).

The Grand Tour Season 5 Cast

The Grand Tour Season 5 Release Date

The Grand Tour kicks off season 5 with its first special, titled “A Scandi Flick.”

Following the conclusion of the third season of The Grand Tour, the production crew stopped filming their regular studio series and the touring tent was taken down.

The three hosts, namely Clarkson, Hammond, and May, came to the conclusion that they should switch to doing regular road trip specials instead.

Because of the success of their travel-themed specials, the format of the show was altered, and as a result, the hosts were able to devote more time to their individual television projects, including Jeremy Clarkson’s agricultural adventure show, Clarkson’s Farm.

On Prime Video, the fourth season contains all of the previous specials that have been made available up until this point.

The Grand Tour Official Trailer

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