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Ted Lasso Season 3: Where Can I Watch Ted Lasso Season 3?

So assume I’ll just have to sit tight for a little while in order to get more Ted Lasso season 3 details. Due to the fact that I mostly cover streaming, I went into the Apple Event titled “Far Out” with two specific goals in mind. The first is the upcoming Apple TV that has been speculated about. The second piece of information is, as you probably have guessed, the release date for the third season of Ted Lasso. Or even the tiniest hint about what to expect from the upcoming season.

Neither of those two items was given to us. Apple stayed true to its principles and introduced the iPhone 14, the Apple Watch Series 8 (along with two other versions), and the AirPods Pro 2.

Therefore, I’m going to pose the question that probably a lot of other Ted Lasso fans have been wondering about. When the heck are we going to discover anything at all about the third season of Ted Lasso?

Ted Lasso Season 3 Plot/Story

Well, if the second season of Ted Lasso is any indication (and if we assume this is the last season), it looks like they have a lot to do.

Their first goal is to see if AFC Richmond can win the Premier League by beating West Ham. Second, can they convince Nate to leave the dark side?

At the end of season two, Nate was angry because he didn’t feel appreciated. He had a fight with Ted and then left for West Ham. Rupert, Rebecca’s jerk ex-husband, now owns West Ham.

“I’m pretty much the bad guy in it now, which is a strange place to be. When I first heard about it, I gasped “Nick Mohammed said that to the BBC.

Nate even took down Ted’s well-known “Believe” banner, which shocked Mohammed just as much as it did us.

“I told him, ‘No, you can’t do that,'” he said. “It seemed like a big deal, and I thought, “Oh my God, you’re really testing your audience.” Good for them. It was a real journey for the character, but it was so much fun to play.”

But will this person be saved? Mohammed told ScreenRant, “I really don’t know.”

“I know some of it, but not all of it. We’ll find out if Nate is able to get back to Richmond. But with Ted Lasso, the audience might be looking for Nate to change, and I’d like to see that happen because I think it would be nice.

“But on the other hand, I could see the writers thinking, ‘No, we’re going to turn it on its head.’ That’s what they did in season two, going against what everyone thought would happen, so he might be the only character they don’t save.”

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, A.J. Catoline and Melissa McCoy, editors of Ted Lasso, said that Rebecca and Nate will have some of the most important character arcs in season three.

“Nate’s career is going in the right direction…

He started as a kitman in the first season, then became a coach, and is now the coach of West Ham “Catoline said. “As a producer and creator, Jason is so kind and helpful. He makes up stories for all of the characters. I think that’s why [the episodes] are so long… There are so many plots, and he wants every character to go through a change.”

Waddingham told Deadline what fans can expect to see of Rebecca: “When we see Rebecca again, she’s a boss-ass b**ch.”

She is 100 percent and then some boss-ass bitch. She’s there because she wants to be, and I think it’s a good thing that she’s changed. She is in charge of that team and wants the best for them.

She went on: “When it comes to her personal life, it’s the same delicious chaos as always. Isn’t that how life is? You can never get everything right.”

“Maybe he’s a character who won’t change for the better. I won’t say anything about the plot, but I will say that it’s another wild ride “he said. “And to be honest, we’re just in the middle of filming. Even though I know where we’re going, I haven’t seen some of the details of the later scripts yet, so I can’t say much about it. But it’s a lot of fun.”

“We did it little by little,” he said. “So the idea was that people would try to hold on to some kind of hope that he wouldn’t fully turn. But in reality, every choice he makes after the seventh episode is the wrong one. At the end of the season, in the last scene, everything comes to a head.”

All of that said, we’ll eat a football boot if Ted Lasso ends its run by karate-kicking fans in the stands (soccer shoe, for our American readers). When the last episode of season three finally goes into the back of the net, you can expect things to end on a high note.

And thanks to some well-chosen comments from writer/actor Brendan Hunt, the dressing room door does seem to be ajar for more Lasso. Hunt said that when they talk about how hard it is to end a show that so many people love, they don’t think of it as the end of the show.

“We didn’t make a show that people liked because we thought we had to make it perfect for everyone, and Hunt said that having that attitude now wouldn’t make the show better. “We just have to keep coming in and doing things that we like.”

“But even so, we’re getting close to the end of this story arc, and it’s a funny thing. We do want to get it right. We want to treat people with care when we give it to them.”

“But I don’t know what good it will do us either if we’re too precious about it or if we worry about getting it all right. So it looks like we’re kind of stuck in the middle.”

Hey, hey, hey, ref, blow the whistle! They are ending a “arc,” but not the whole show. Does that mean we might be able to get more Lasso later on?

“You’ll see how he gets along with Rebecca and what happens to their relationship. No matter if you like TedBecca or SamBecca, it will be very interesting. All of the characters are going to have a really interesting ending.”

Keeley and Roy also seem to be on the verge of breaking up. The ex-footballer worries that his businesswoman girlfriend will get tired of him and move on.

Roy made a plan to take her on a six-week vacation, but she said no because she needed to set up her new business. He was crushed. Plus, Keeley’s ex-boyfriend Jamie Tartt said he loved her, so everything is still up in the air.

There’s one thing you can be sure of: the show will keep its bittersweet tone.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Cast

  • Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso
  • Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca Welton
  • Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent
  • Juno Temple as Keely Jones
  • Nick Mohammed as Coach Nathan “Nate” Shelley
  • Brendan Hunt as Coach Beard
  • Jeremy Swift as Leslie Higgins
  • Toheeb Jimoh as Sam Obisanya
  • Cristo Fernández as Dani Rojas
  • Kola Bokinni as Isaac
  • Stephen Manas as Richard Montlaur
  • Annette Badland as Mae

When asked about Nate’s character evolution and the ultimate showdown between him and Ted at the end of season 2, Nate actor Nick Mohammed said, “I knew that it was coming for a long time, that there would be this standoff between Ted and me.” Discussing Film opens in a new tab. That there would be a significant focus on it in the episode that rounded up the season. I received the script a few weeks before we began filming it, so I was prepared as thoroughly as it was possible for me to be.

He proceeded by saying, “I just knew that was an important item to get right, and I felt a strange pressure in that regard.” I was aware that there needed to be a genuine quality to it. Because it’s such a major heel turn for Nate, you know. Partly because of that. You contrast the happy ending of him being promoted at the end of the first season with the gloomy ending of the second season and say, “You compare the two endings and how dark and bitter one is.”

Ted Lasso Season 3 Cast

Ted Lasso Season 3 Release Date

Although the release date for Ted Lasso season 3 is not yet official, actor Cristo Fernández has stated that he anticipates it to “be at the end of the year.”

Dani Rojas’s actor Fernández told PopCulture(opens in new tab): “We’ve been filming for the past two months, and things are going well. I’m optimistic.” “Hopefully, Season 3 will be at the end of the year as well,” he concluded, “and the fans will adore it.” Online rumours predict a release for November/December 2022, or at the latest early 2023.

Where Can I Watch Ted Lasso Season 3?

If you have an Apple TV+ membership, you can view all of the seasons of the Ted Lasso television show. For those who already have access, Apple TV+ content can be viewed on some smart TVs, gaming console devices, and Apple TVs as well as through the Apple TV+ mobile app. 6 days ago

Ted Lasso Season 3 Trailer


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