Why Snowpiercer Was Canceled Before Season 4

Why Snowpiercer Was Canceled Before Season 4: In What Way Did The Producers Of Snowpiercer Decide To Scrap The Show?

The weekend of March 24th was a harsh awakening for fans of TNT’s Snowpiercer. The network suddenly declared they wouldn’t be airing the final season of the sci-fi drama. This followed a string of cancellations at both TNT and TBS due to the Discovery-Time Warner merger.

Why Snowpiercer Was Canceled Before Season 4

According to Deadline, the post-apocalyptic drama Snowpiercer will not return with more episodes once filming for Season 4 wraps. The show follows a band of survivors seven years after an end-of-the-world catastrophe has frozen the planet solid. The last of humanity rides around on a massive train that never stops.

Considering how the show’s Season 3 finale set up the next several seasons to explore exciting new ground, Snowpiercer’s discontinuation comes as quite a shock. The series’ termination comes after Discovery and WarnerMedia, TNT’s parent company, announced plans to merge, a move that will radically alter Warner Bros.’ business strategies and, subsequently, its production slate.

TNT’s Animal Kingdom, another live-action series, will also conclude with the premiere of its final sixth season on June 19.

The Snowpiercer story began with a cinematic adaptation of the French graphic novel series of the same name, directed by Bong Joon-ho (Parasite) in 2013. The picture was well-received by critics, who singled out Chris Evans (The Avengers) and Tilda Swinton for their stellar performances (Doctor Strange).

The critical acclaim the film received led to the creation of a TV series that aired on TNT and effectively rebooted the tale.

In 2020, after years of development hell, the first season of the show premiered on TNT. It ran for three more seasons before being recently canceled. Some have praised the show’s ambition and flair, while others have said it falls short of the subversiveness of the film; critical reception has been mixed after the first three seasons.

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With a critical approval rating of 75% and a viewer approval rating of 67%, the series has been well received. Despite the show’s demise, there will be at least one more season for viewers to look forward to in the not-too-distant future. In what way did the producers of Snowpiercer divide to scrap the show, read in the next paragraph.

In What Way Did The Producers Of Snowpiercer Decide To Scrap The Show?

In What Way Did The Producers Of Snowpiercer Decide To Scrap The Show

It’s common to cancel a show once production on a whole season is complete, but it’s unusual for a season to be canceled after production is complete. A tax write-off for Warner Brothers Discovery is reportedly the reason for this.

The high-profile cancellation of the Batgirl movie, the termination of multiple HBO series like Westworld, and the widespread cancellation of shows on The CW like Nancy Drew all followed the same pattern.

Because of budget cuts, both TBS and TNT have ceased production of original scripted material, a trend that has been accelerated by the merger of Discovery and Warner Brothers. Chad, another TBS sitcom that had finished filming its second season, was canceled. Now you can catch the show on Roku!

In a nutshell, Warner Brothers Discovery is playing a corporate game that makes it cheaper to write off the completed season of Snowpiercer than to air it. Even if a regular pickup isn’t in the cards, there is still a chance that the studio will find a way to hawk the finished season to another network.

That implies there is still hope for fans to witness Snowpiercer’s climax. Its train on TNT has been derailed, but not just yet.

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