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One Piece: Chapter 1087 Leaked Spoilers and Release Date

After over a month of waiting, it appears like One Piece is set to continue its voyage. Eiichiro Oda’s need for surgery caused the lengthy pause. Now that things have returned to normal, we bring you teasers for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1087. Yes, you read that correctly. One Piece Chapter 1087 spoilers are circulating online, and this article will tell you all you need to know about them, including the publishing date and where you can read them.

One Piece 1087 Release Date

On July 18, 2023, at midnight JST, One Piece Chapter 1087 will be released. Due to the widely various worldwide time zones, it should be evident that this manga’s publication date and hour will fluctuate from country to country. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back as always! Check the table below to get your timezone:

Time Zone  Time  Date 
Pacific Standard Time 8 a.m July 17, 2023
Indian Standard Time 8:30 p.m June 17, 2023
Philippine Standard Time 11 p.m June 17, 2023
British Summer Time 4 p.m June 17, 2023
Australia Central Standard Time 12:30 a.m June 18, 2023
Japanese Standard Time 12 a.m June 18, 2023

Here is a tweet by Artur – Library of Ohara on One Piece  release dates –

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Where to Read One Piece Chapter 1087

Fans can read One Piece chapter 1087 from the official sources listed below:

  • Viz Media
  • Manga Plus

One Piece Chapter 1087 Spoilers

No Chapter 1088 spoilers have been released as of yet. But keep an eye on sites like 4chan and Reddit the week of July 20, 2023, because leaks usually appear a few days before the chapter’s release.

Note: Stay tuned with us as these are just the early spoilers of Chapter 1087 and we will update this post when we get our hands on the latest news.

What to Expect One Piece Chapter 1087

Now that the Reverie flashback has been completed, anything might happen in One Piece Chapter 1087 as the story returns to the present day. Due to the long interval since fans have been there, Egghead Island stands out as the most likely candidate. Similarly, now is the ideal time to see the Egghead Incident through because all the background information has been laid forth.

One Piece
One Piece

The war between SWORD and the Blackbeard Pirates might also be expanded upon in One Piece Chapter 1087 if the action were to shift to Hachinosu Island. The rivalry between Kuzan and Garp is sure to keep viewers interested. Similarly, after completing the Reverie flashback, the most likely candidates are Hachinosu or Egghead.

New Characters And Unforeseen Twists

Chapter 1088 of One Piece promises exciting fights and growth for existing characters but also the debut of whole new, fascinating ones.

As the novel develops, readers can anticipate several twists and turns that will keep them guessing and on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what comes next. Brace yourselves for the mind-blowing revelations, jaw-dropping encounters, and rich narrative that have made One Piece a beloved manga series worldwide. Prepare yourself to enter the fascinating world of One Piece and have an exciting adventure!

The Cross Guild Faces Opposition

This means fans could see an all-out war between the Navy and the Cross Guild. For now, the Navy has to make preparations for the war and it certainly won’t be easy, given the forces they are currently taking to Egghead Island.

Nonetheless, practices need to be made and One Piece chapter 1087 could see to that. Beehive Island is another exciting place that the story could focus on in One Piece chapter 1087.

Fans know Garp is currently fighting against Aokiji there; however, if Blackbeard were to return, his victory would be impossible. Sengoku and Tsuru recently found out about Garp having headed to Beehive Island.

Given that they are old comrades in arms, they could, perhaps, set sail for this island as well in an attempt to rescue Garp and Koby simultaneously. Of course, it won’t be easy for them to do so. However, One Piece chapter 1087 could also see some build-up towards this.

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