Masterchef Season 12

Masterchef Season 12: Story Of Winner Dara Yu And How She Felt!

The twelve-episode run of Fox’s American reality competition series MasterChef, also known as MasterChef: Back to Win[1], began on May 25 and ended on September 14 of the same year. As judges, Joe Bastianich, Aarón Sánchez, and Gordon Ramsay all made a comeback. Everything you need to know about Masterchef Season 12.

Dara Yu, a runner-up on MasterChef Junior season one, won the season. Christian Green, a fifth-place finisher in season five, and Michael Silverstein, a fifteenth-place finisher in season ten, were the runners-up.

Masterchef Season 12 Production

It was reported on August 18, 2021, that the series had been renewed for a twelfth season, and it was also confirmed that judges Ramsay, Sánchez, and Bastianich would be returning as well.  It was announced on April 5, 2022, that the season would air on May 25, 2022.

Winner Dara Yu Discusses How She Feels About Her Age Not Being an Issue and Her Future Goals

The title of MasterChef’s 12th season was “Back to Win,” which indicated that former competitors returned to the MasterChef kitchen for a second chance at the crown. Christian Green, Dara Yu, and Michael Silverstein were the three chefs that advanced to the finals following weeks of intense cooking competitions.

And the winner was 20-year-old Dara who defeated the two older guys!

In this exclusive interview with, she stated, “I’ve never considered my age as a disadvantage.” I’ve also been employed in this field since I was 12 years old. I’ve been working in the industry since I was a contestant on MasterChef Junior. In the kitchen, I’ve always been the newbie. I joined the Dominique Ansel Bakery opening crew when I was 16 years old.

Dara also noted that, in contrast to her eight years of professional expertise, some of the contestants this season were from MasterChef Junior seasons that had already ended while she was in it.

Therefore, she continued, “even though I’m just 20 on the show, I had more experience.

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A combination of some of her childhood favourites and the French methods she learnt in culinary school formed the basis of Dara’s winning menu:

Red Snapper with Crispy Skin, Grilled Asparagus, and Miso Bearnaise Sauce for Appetizer

Entrée: Carrot top gremolata, spiced carrots, Japanese potato, and Chinese-style short ribs.

Dessert: Vanilla Ile Flottante with Creme Anglaise, Tropical Fruit, and Forbidden Rice with Caramel.

Winner Dara Yu Discusses How She Feels

But things weren’t always easy. Dara’s Miso Bearnaise sauce encountered a difficulty just before the appetiser round ended, and it appeared that she wouldn’t be able to rectify it in time.

She explains, “The first time, the whole sauce thing happened and my blender wasn’t working. “In that case, it did make me unfocused. I experienced a mild panic. I had only around five minutes to prepare my sauce and three plates. Even today, I’m still unsure of how I managed to finish everything. It slightly affected my performance, but I believe I was able to recover and finish those two rounds well.

Because she doesn’t yet have a home of her own, Dara isn’t quite certain how she expects to use the $250,000 prize money or where she will place the Viking kitchen, but she does know that she intends to keep working in the food industry.

She remarked, “I am 21 and I have been doing this for a long time, which is so odd to say as a 21-year-old. “Over the past eight years, I’ve watched my job path take a variety of different shapes. I’m quite eager to carry on with that trip and see where it leads. I do well in a restaurant kitchen. I definitely intend to open up a food business in the future. No matter if it’s a café, restaurant, or catering business, I absolutely have intentions to keep pursuing that desire.

Dara also has a strong desire to pursue her passion for teaching and education. In order to achieve this urge, she may use the internet or television to impart her skills to other young, aspiring cooks.

She stated, “I’ve always admired chefs like Anthony Bourdain, and now Kristen Kish has a show. I would therefore love to work in that area and even have my own show in the future.

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