Liam Neeson Hates Superhero Films

Liam Neeson Hates Superhero Films Even Though He’s in One

Liam Neeson, star of Batman Begins and numerous other films have joined the ranks of directors and performers who aren’t fans of superhero movies. In spite of the fact that he played a key role in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, he made no bones about setting it apart from the Marvel and DC flicks.

At the height of Marvel Studios’ dominance in the film business, Martin Scorsese wrote a famous editorial that generated controversy about the superhero picture genre. Some MCU celebrities, like Quentin Tarantino’s pal Samuel L. Jackson, have now offered a conflicting opinion. Neeson has now established himself as a bona fide action hero, but in a recent interview, he clearly sided with Batman in this critical debate.

In a Rolling Stone interview, Neeson maintains his signature frankness, saying-

“All these superhero movies? I’m not a fan. I’m really not. I admire them because it’s Hollywood with all their bells and whistles and technology, which is phenomenal, but they all seem to me to be just the same story.”

Neeson continued by talking about how he contributed to the success of comic book heroes like Batman in the movie industry. According to Neeson, “They had a noir feel to them,” which sets Nolan’s films apart. Gary Oldman, and Chris Bale, of course. Get real! Wow, look at that cast. What about Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine? My god!” Neeson obviously considers The Dark Knight Trilogy to be unparalleled.

iam Neeson Hates Superhero Films
iam Neeson Hates Superhero Films

Neeson, by coincidence, often takes the lead in the launch of films for tremendously successful franchises. Even though Neeson thinks Star Wars is destroyed by providing too much content, his portrayal as the Phantom Menace in Episode I is still cherished by many fans. In the same interview, Neeson also revealed that his late wife had asked him to decline the role of James Bond, which he described as “a James Bond ultimatum.”

In a strange episode that poked light at the turmoil Neeson found himself in after making some racially charged comments in 2019, Neeson even talked about his cameo appearance in Atlanta. In general, Neeson is correct; many people consider Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy to have the finest examples of the superhero film genre. But he remained silent when asked about Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Despite how much he enjoyed his time as Ra’s al Ghul 18 years ago, and despite the fact that his Batman co-star Christian Bale starred in Thor 4, you should not expect to see Neeson join the MCU. HBO Max subscribers may now watch Batman Begins.

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