Last Of Us Season 2

Last Of Us Season 2: Is There Going To Be A Second Season Of The Last Of Us?

HBO’s executives are much quicker than any potentially lethal fungus. Preceding the conclusion of season 1, it was revealed that the zombie thriller would be returning for a second season on the network’s streaming service.

Inspired by the 2013 video game of the same name, this post-apocalyptic thriller has won over the hearts of millions of viewers. HBO claims that The Last of Us’ launch on January 15 was the network’s second-biggest premiere in nearly a decade.

Since the show’s stars, Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie), have received so much acclaim, viewers are just as hungry for a new season as the flesh-eating zombies onscreen. Without further ado, here is everything we know about The Last of Us season 2.

Is There Going To Be A Second Season Of The Last Of Us?

Yes! On January 28, 2023, HBO announced that a second season of The Last of Us would be filmed. “This is just the beginning of the trip. Season 2 of #TheLastOfUs is coming to @HBOMax “Instagram postthey made.

All of this material was taken straight from Instagram. It’s possible that the same material is presented differently on their website or that you’ll find more details there.

It was previously reported that showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann had begun prepping for a second season.

The events of The Last of Us, the video game, are scheduled to be fully explored in the first season. While Mazin and Druckmann don’t come out and say it, they have reportedly hinted that season two will cover the events of the sequel video game Part II, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

According to what they told Consequence TV, “the amount of plot that remains, that we have not covered, would be more than a season of television.” This means that the adaptation of the sequel game may take more than one season to complete. And, you know, if things go well, we’d like to go more than just one more season.”

Does this indicate there will be another two seasons? Hopeful fingers are crossed.

When Might We See The Last Of Us Season 2?

When Might We See The Last Of Us Season 2

There are nine episodes in the currently running first season of The Last of Us, and the second season was recently confirmed, so it will be quite some time until we get to see the episodes from season two.

According to executive producer Craig Mazin in The Washington Post, the first season required roughly 200 days to film in Canada. Then, additional months were spent editing the series and adding those incredibly creepy fungus special effects. From the day the first scene was filmed until the premiere of Season 1 on January 15, 2023, 18 months passed.

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If we look at a similar schedule for season two, taking into account the requirement for scripts to be written and actors and crew to be put in place, we wouldn’t expect to see episodes from season two until at least the middle of 2024, and that’s assuming work begins this week.

Who Will Be Cast In The Last Of Us Season 2?

Without playing the game, it isn’t easy to speculate on who will show up in Season 2 of The Last of Us. After all, our new favourite characters have been murdered off one by one in the episodes that have already aired.

We can probably presume, though, that both Joel (Pascal) and Bella (Ramsey) will be back for Season 2. Abby is a significant character in the upcoming The Last of Us Part II, and fans of the game are already speculating who could play her in a film adaptation.

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