Heart Of Stone Release Date

Heart Of Stone Release Date: When Will The Movie Come Out?

Gal Gadot, the Wonder Woman actress, has wowed fans with the first trailer for her new film, Heart of Stone. In the movie, gal portrays a super spy, which also stars Jamie Dornan from Fifty Shades of Grey and Alia Bhatt from Gangubai Kathiawadi.

The film’s three leads were all present at Netflix’s fan festival Tudum in So Paulo, Brazil, when the film’s first trailer debuted. Gal Gadot also posted videos from the occasion to her Instagram account.

When is the Netflix Release Date of Heart of Stone?

On Friday, August 11, 2023, the first episode of Heart of Stone will become available to stream on Netflix. You can also check out the official tweet-

What is Heart of Stone All About and Who Are the Characters?

The upcoming Netflix film Heart of Stone trailer shows that it is a standard spy thriller with attractive leads, impressive action sequences, and a captivating story. Rachel Stone, played by Gal Gadot, is an intelligence operative working undercover for the Charter to whom she owes no loyalty.

Sophie Okonedo’s character serves as her employer, and she tells her, “You know what you signed up for.” No social life, no friends… It’s far too crucial that we do this. When governments fail, the people have only the Charter to rely on.

Heart Of Stone Release Date
Heart Of Stone Release Date

Jamie Dornan is one of Charter’s “highly-trained agents” in the role of Parker, another spy. Matthias Schweighöfer and Jing Lusi also star in the movie.

Who Are the Makers of Heart of Stone?

Tom Harper Helms, Greg Rucka, and Allison Schroeder write and edit Heart of Stone. Pilot Wave Motion Pictures is Gal Gadot and her husband Jaron Varsano’s production company. David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger of Skydance, Bonnie Curtis and Julie Lynn of Mockingbird serve as co-producers. It was created by Patty Whitcher, Harper, and Rucka. You can watch the Heart Of Stone trailer by clicking here.

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Heart of Stone plot

Many specifics about the Heart of Stone plot are being kept under wraps, but we know it revolves around intelligence operative Rachel Stone (Gal Gadot).

‘Rachel Stone (Gal Gadot) looks to be an inexperienced tech on an elite MI6 unit led by lead agent Parker (Jamie Dornan),’ according to the Netflix synopsis. Her MI6 team doesn’t realize Stone works for the Charter, a covert peacekeeping group using cutting-edge technology to neutralize global dangers.

Rachel has been groomed to be the consummate professional: a fantastic field agent who stays focused on the job follows the figures and trusts no one. Rachel’s two lives meet when a routine assignment is interrupted by the mysterious hacker Keya Dhawan (Alia Bhatt). Her humanity may be her most valuable asset as she races to defend the Charter and defies the odds.

She is, according to Netflix, “the only woman standing between her powerful, global, peace-keeping organization and the loss of its most valuable — and dangerous — asset.” Fortunately, Rachel appears to be more than capable of the task.

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Here are some important FAQs about Heart of Stone:

Q. Who is the director of Heart of Stone?

Tom Harper directs Heart of Stone. He is a British film director who has directed films such as The Aeronauts, War & Peace, and Peaky Blinders.

Q. Who are the stars of Heart of Stone?

The stars of Heart of Stone are Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan, and Alia Bhatt. Gadot is best known for her role as Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe films. Dornan is known for his roles in Fifty Shades of Grey and The Fall. Bhatt is a Bollywood actress who has starred in films such as Raazi and Gully Boy.

Q. What is the plot of Heart of Stone?

The plot of Heart of Stone is still under wraps, but it is said to be an action-thriller about a spy forced to team up with a mysterious fellow agent.

Q. When will Heart of Stone be released?

Heart of Stone will be released on Netflix on August 11, 2023.

Q. Where was Heart of Stone filmed?

Heart of Stone was filmed in Italy, London, Reykjavík, and Lisbon.

Q. Who is producing Heart of Stone?

Skydance Media, Mockingbird Pictures, and Pilot Wave Productions produce Heart of Stone.

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