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The Compelling Reasons Why Hannibal Should Come Back For A Fourth Season: Exactly What Will The Plot Of Hannibal Season 4 Be?

Hannibal Season 4: Hugh Dancy’s reason for why he is not surprised that the much-rumored Hannibal season 4 has not been greenlit is instructive. Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal aired on NBC from 2013 to 2015 for its initial three-season run. During its run, Hannibal covered not one, not two, but three novels by Thomas Harris: Red Dragon, Hannibal, and the prequel Hannibal Rising.

Despite favorable reviews and a dedicated fanbase, Hannibal was canceled by NBC before a fourth season could air due to a precipitous drop in ratings.

The Compelling Reasons Why Hannibal Should Come Back For A Fourth Season

The average rating for Hannibal on IMDb is an impressive 8.5 out of 10 from more than 200 000 viewers. Hannibal, often considered the best horror-thriller series of its era, began as a prequel intended to be split into seven parts (later cut down to six). Before the show was canceled, Hannibal fans barely got halfway there.

There’s still a lot to learn about in this perverse universe. Many more people appear in the story. A potential fourth (and potentially last) season might wrap up everything that has happened so far and leave the opportunity for something new. Heck, we’d watch a show based on one of the characters if it was created.

With time, Hannibal has become a fan favorite among many people. Many people’s dreams have included Mads Mikkelsen’s portrayal of the infamous literary character Hannibal Lecter. We’ll always think of him as a fascinating villain.

Season 4 of Hannibal, should it appear on one of the streaming services, would undoubtedly be the most impressive installment yet. A new season of Hannibal will bring unexpected plot turns, striking graphics, more murder, and a reimagining of the familiar Will Graham. Take a look at the star of Hannibal’s news, in the next paragraph.

The Star Of Hannibal Reveals The Bad News About The Upcoming Fourth Season

Hugh Dancy, who played Will Graham on NBC’s Hannibal, has said that, after three seasons, he doesn’t have great hopes for a revival of the show.

Dancy told Collider that he and the rest of the Hannibal cast would be up for a fourth season, but he added that he isn’t surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

In response to requests, we always say, “Oh, we’d love to do anything,” and that’s the truth. Dancy, who played alongside Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal Lecter on the show, has remarked, “Perhaps it will take one of us to say, ‘I will absolutely never do a fourth season of Hannibal,’ but that would be a lie.

He then speculated that a lack of financial support was at the heart of the show’s issues.

I’m not really surprised because “someone has to write a reasonably substantial check,” as the saying goes.

Then Dancy elaborated, “I’m not talking about me being paid. I’m referring to the money needed to produce an entire television season.

There was a time when it looked like streamers would be everyone’s savior, but that hope has been dashed. Even though they could have millions of viewers, some series don’t survive to air a third season. So, I can’t even begin to guess what that number means.

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Dancy added that the cast may need to quickly get back into character.

The actor told Collider, “Well, honestly, that might be slightly gross,” because people online may start to think, “We may literally simply age out of it.”

The third season of Hannibal left viewers on a (very real) cliffhanger. Dancy claimed the story was resolved in a “pretty definite sense” at the end, but some viewers took issue with his wording and saw room for interpretation.

Exactly What Will The Plot Hannibal Season 4 Be?

Exactly What Will The Plot Hannibal Season 4 Be


Showrunner Bryan Fuller hinted at the direction he has in mind for Season 3 back in June of 2016. He also said that the majority of the actors were eager to come back, including both Dancy and Mikkelsen. Season 4 of NBC’s Hannibal had originally planned to include references to The Silence of the Lambs and a character named Clarice Starling.

Unfortunately for them, CBS beat them to the punch and created a show based on the character (which was initially made famous by Jodie Foster in the films starring Anthony Hopkins). Unfortunately, Clarice was poorly received (40% on Rotten Tomatoes), with several critics likening it to Hannibal. The show was deemed “effectively dark, but narratively uninteresting” by the audience.

The first season of Clarice only received 2.76 million viewers and a 0.32 rating in the 18-49 demographic, so that’s fantastic news (very low ratings). Therefore, it’s quite likely to be scrapped. A second season has not been confirmed, and there is currently no definite premiere date. Could this open up the character for use once more?

Although, creator Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, Star Trek: Discovery, and American Gods) claims that none of this matters much for season 4 of Hannibal.

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