Barbie Release Date

Barbie Release Date: Trailer, Cast and Everything You Want to Know!!

Since the original Barbie was introduced in 1959, Hollywood has been hard at work on its first major live-action Barbie movie, and there have been plenty of Barbie movie updates regarding the cinematic homage to one of the most iconic toys of all time.

Since Barbie’s birth and subsequent success, the doll and its toy extensions have generated animated movies, fashion inspiration, discussions about societal expectations of women, vlogs, and even a hit song, all of which use the doll’s accompanying intellectual property.

Actress and director Greta Gerwig has been making waves in Hollywood with her recent hits Lady Bird and Little Women. The new Barbie film is one of 2023’s most anticipated releases because the director decided to take a more commercial approach. The feminist and gender equality issues raised by Gerwig’s films will undoubtedly be front and centre in Barbie’s future adventures.

The COVID-19 epidemic derailed plans to manufacture Barbie in 2020, initially announced in 2019. Fans eagerly anticipate Barbie because of the film’s reported release date, cast, story, and entertaining trailers.

Barbie Movie Release Date

On July 21, 2023, Barbie will be available to the public. There is no word yet on when Barbie will be available to see online after its theatrical debut. Production on Barbie began in March 2022, following confirmation in 2019.

Pictures from the set surfaced in March and April, showing Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in various locations around Venice Beach and Los Angeles. Fans who couldn’t wait for the July 19 general release can see a special “blowout party” preview of Barbie at select theatres at 7 p.m.

Barbie Release Date
Barbie Release Date

Fans who couldn’t wait for the July 19 general release can see a particular “blowout party” preview of Barbie at select theatres at 7 p.m.The release of Oppenheimer at the same time as the Barbie movie has sparked an intense rivalry between the two sets of fans and much conjecture about which film would do better.

Early forecasts suggest that Barbie will be much more popular than the Christopher Nolan-directed movie, at least during the opening weekend (via Box Office Pro). However, the releases of the two films will have little to no effect on the other as it is a classic case of counter-programming.

The opening weekend earnings for the Barbie film are predicted to be between $55 and $85 million, while those for Oppenheimer are expected to be between $40 and $55 million. The official Barbie Movie Twitter account announced the film’s limited theatrical release on July 21. That account tweet-

We have linked some other new upcoming season 2 details release dates below:

Barbie Movie Cast & Crew

After directing 2019’s Little Women, Gerwig returns with her third feature, Barbie. With her longtime lover and frequent collaborator Noah Baumbach, she created the screenplay for the film. While the teaser reveals that several Barbies exist in Barbie Land, it appears that Robbie’s portrayal of the iconic doll is the one that started it all.

Gosling, meanwhile, portrays the stereotypical Ken, Barbie’s beau. Beyond Robbie and Gosling, Barbie features an impressive ensemble cast. Kate McKinnon plays an out-of-the-ordinary Barbie, while the rest of the cast includes Issa Rae as the president of Barbie Land, as well as Alexandra Shipp, Emma Mackey, Ritu Arya, Nicola Coughlan, Sharon Rooney, Anya Cruz Kanye, Dua Lipa, and Hari Nef.

Barbie Release Date: Trailer, Cast and Everything You Want to Know!!

Gosling’s Ken has competition from Simu Liu, Kingsley Ben-Adir, and Ncuti Gatwa, all of whom portray Ken—posters featuring Michael Cera as Alan and Emerald Fennell as Midge were also produced. In his real-life role as Mattel’s president, Will Ferrell makes a cameo appearance in the trailer as well.

The announcement that John Cena will play Merman Ken opposite Dua Lipa’s Mermaid Barbie has caused quite a stir among fans. Robbie and Cena had already worked together on the set of 2021’s The Suicide Squad. The actor, who usually plays strong male characters, is surprisingly the most enthusiastic fan of the film.

Cena said across the street from Barbie, “Fast X was filming. Also, “Why don’t you do Barbie?” she questioned. ‘I’ve been trying!’ I cried out. And since Margot is in charge of many pertinent decisions, I told her, “Well, do whatever you need me to do.”

Robbie attempted to cast Gal Gadot as one of several Barbies in the upcoming Barbie film. To justify her pick, Robbie said, “Gal Gadot is Barbie energy.” Simply put, Gal Gadot is so sincere that you can’t dislike her for being so stunningly attractive. There was a window of opportunity to use Gal Gadot for just one day, given that the sets of Fast X and Barbie were so close together, but the Wonder Woman actor was elsewhere committed.

In response to Robbie’s remarks, Gadot told Margo, “I love you!”. I’ll be in anything if it means working with you, and I’ll do anything if it means working with you.

Barbie Movie Story

The latest Barbie movie news includes the movie’s core premise, as detailed in the teaser. After breaking Barbieland’s rules about being perfect, Barbie is sent out of the movie. After leaving the safety of her dollhouse, Barbie in the film goes on an adventure where she learns there is more to life than being beautiful.

In the longer video shown at Cinema Con 2023, Barbie’s idyllic life in Barbie’s land comes crashing down when she starts to think about death and her feet’ contact with the ground. Strange Barbie then leads her on an adventure in which she must decide which world—reality or her imagination—she prefers.

She decides to try out the real world, and Ken chooses to come along, leading to an encounter with the toy boss, who is not pleased with their decision. The two seem to have difficulty adjusting to life on Earth, setting the stage for a classic “fish-out-of-water” tale.

The film adaptation of Barbie will reportedly examine the criticisms against the doll for promoting an unattainable ideal of perfection. The most recent Barbie character posters seem to make some witty comments about gender roles by emphasizing Barbies and minimizing Kens.

Emma Mackey’s Barbie is a Supreme Court Justice, while Anya Cruz Kanye has a Nobel Scientific Prize. The posters for Gosling and Liu read “He’s just Ken” and “He’s another Ken.”

In another intriguing Barbie development, Margot Robbie has opened her about her experience reading the script for the first time. Robbie remarked, “Ah!” in a BAFTA interview. This is fantastic.

It’s a shame they won’t allow us to make this movie since it deserves to be seen. Star Mackey has also lauded Gerwig and Baumbach’s writing, so it seems like another win for the Oscar nominees.

Barbie Movie Trailer

The most recent Barbie movie trailer significantly improved over the previous teasers. Robbie seems to embody the distinctive features of Barbie, such as her incredibly pointed feet and ever-present smile, in what appears to be a funny but ambitious movie.

Gosling is also very funny in the role of Himbo Ken. The teaser hints at some spectacular musical numbers performed in Barbie’s mansion before she and Ken leave for the outside world. There, they get into all sorts of mischief, including getting arrested, Barbie chatting to kids who don’t like Barbie dolls, and Ken thinking he can do surgery just because he’s a guy.

In addition, Architectural Digest recently published a tour of the Barbie movie set, highlighting the effort it took to bring it to life with miniatures and a lot of pink, however, this is not a teaser. During the video’s opening, Robbie shows off the Barbie Dreamhouse, saying, “Not super practical, but nothing is for Barbie.”

In the video, Gerwig anxiously says, “I can’t tell you the number of meetings we’ve had about pink.” The director, however, also provides some fascinating context for the set’s design by saying, “Because Barbie was invented in 1959, it felt we could ground everything in that look of 1950s soundstage musicals.”

The official Barbie movie trailers are available for viewing by clicking here.

The Latest Barbie Movie News

Since June 23 is also National Pink Day, Warner Bros. has taken advantage of the timely event by tweeting a new poster for the next Barbie film. The sign is a humorous parody of everything that makes Barbie unique and will not be featured on billboards showcasing the cast.

The billboard celebrates all things pink associated with the next Barbie film, from Barbie’s convertible vehicle and high-heel shoes to her clothes and the iconic Barbie Dreamhouse.

The Barbie film’s soundtrack has also expanded with the release of a brand new song. Many of Nicki Minaj’s tracks copy silly classics, and her collaboration with Ice Spice on “Barbie World” is no exception.

That’s just a little taste of the movie’s enormous soundtrack, but it captures the film’s high energy and vivid environment. Charli XCX, Dua Lipa, Haim, Lizzo, and even indie rockers Tame Impala contributed to Barbie’s soundtrack.

Another recent Barbie movie update is regarding early screenings for the movie the studio called “blowout parties.” Posted to the official Barbie movie Twitter page, the blowout parties will occur on July 19 in select theatres at 7 pm. The tweet explained, “Nothing big planned… just a giant blowout party with all the Barbies, planned choreography, and a bespoke song.

In other news about the new Barbie film, we now know more about the fantastic clothes that have become instantly recognizable even before the film was released. New photos for the Barbie movie show how faithfully the original designs were recreated.

Barbie costume designer Jacqueline Durran drew inspiration for the film’s early costume concepts from the dolls’ various era-appropriate styles, notably the Hot Skatin’ Barbie look from 1994, which received much attention when the doll’s first-look photographs began circulating. This creates an exciting new avenue for moviegoers to discover hidden Easter eggs and learn which additional well-known looks will be featured in the film.

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