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Who Was Tom Sizemore Wife? Learn About His Marital History

The dominant figure in Hollywood Actor Tom Sizemore, famed for his roles in films including “Saving Private Ryan,” “Level Break,” and many more, passed away on March 3, 2023, from a brain aneurysm. His 61 years were cut short when he passed away peacefully in a Burbank, California, hospital.

In the 1990s, he became a household name thanks to his roles in successful action thrillers like Warmth, in which he played the role of robber Michael Cheritto.

Regarding his personal life, the ‘Black Hawk Down’ actor has only been married once to Maeve Quinlan. They tied the knot in 1996, and divorce papers were filed in 1999. Sizemore loved his children, Jagger and Jayden, whom he had with ex-girlfriend Janelle McIntire.

In What Year Did Tom And Maeve First Get Acquainted?

Maeve and Tom had their big break in the film industry with 1994’s Pure Born Killers, in which Tom starred and became an instant star. Tom played Jack Scagnetti, while Maeve played the role of a beautiful guard in that picture.

Tom Sizemore and Maeve Quinlan got married just two years after they first worked together on that film. But unfortunately, his drug abuse caused the demise of their marriage. Despite outward appearances, the couple divorced after barely three years of marriage.

Maeve Quinlan mourns on Tom Sizemore:

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In 1999, Maeve And Tom’s Marriage Ended

After three years of marriage, Maeve Quinlan and Tom Sizemore divorced. Maeve recently said in an interview that she believes Tom’s drug use contributed to the breakdown of her marriage. The actress blamed her ex-husband for domestic violence in the discussion, though she never said so publicly during their divorce.

She proudly claimed the title of “survivor of household abuse,” an identity she hoped to maintain far into her fifties. Maeve elaborated that she never brought it up because she wanted to escape her abusive husband.

With Janelle Mcintire, Tom Is The Father Of Two Children

Tom Is The Father Of Two Children

Following the breakup of Tom and Maeve, the actor began a relationship with Janelle McIntire in 2003; they were together until 2006, and in 2005, McIntire gave birth to twin sons, Jagger and Jayden.

Although the teens’ whereabouts and background are mostly unknown, they have been seen on occasion accompanying their father to various events.

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