Who Plays Frank In The Last Of Us

Who Plays Frank In The Last Of Us: What We Know About This Actor?

HBO cast a well-known actor in the role of Frank from the video game The Last of Us. Frank is a minor character in the video game, so his inclusion in HBO’s The Last of Us may come as a surprise to those who have played the game. Frank from The Last of Us may appear familiar, but that’s because this isn’t actually his first HBO program.

Frank disappears without a trace in the first The Last of Us video game. When Joel and Ellie visit Bill’s hometown, they discover Frank’s body. Frank committed suicide after catching the virus. It’s strongly suggested that Frank and Bill have romantically involved thanks to the numerous notes scattered over the game.

Frank’s revival in HBO’s The Last of Us signals a substantial expansion of Bill and Frank’s plot and suggests that a formidable actor will be cast to play Frank alongside Nick Offerman’s Bill.

Who Plays Frank In The Last Of Us?

Murray Bartlett, who has worked with Nick Offerman before on The Office, will play Frank in HBO’s The Last of Us. Offerman will play Bill. If the HBO show is anything like the video game, Joel and Ellie won’t be staying in Bill and Frank’s booby-trapped town for long, and neither will Murray Bartlett.

Frank’s increased importance means that Murray Bartlett will have the opportunity to further shape the character he portrays in The Last of Us. HBO‘s The Last of Us has a much better chance of giving Frank a happy ending than the video game does, but the show’s track record doesn’t seem good.

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Murray Bartlett is no stranger to HBO audiences; he is widely recognizable from his role as Armond in the first season of The White Lotus. Bartlett has been in several high-profile television productions, including Welcome to Chippendales and Iron Fist on Netflix. For those who haven’t seen him yet, Murray Bartlett is Frank in The Last of Us, and he’s also a recurring character in Apple TV+’s Physical.

Is Murray Bartlett Gay In Real Life?

Is Murray Bartlett Gay In Real Life

Australia’s own Murray Bartlett is a respected actor. Dom “Dom” Basaluzzo from “Looking,” Michael “Mouse” Tolliver from Netflix’s “Tales of the City” revival, and Armond from “The White Lotus” on HBO are just a few of his roles. In addition, he will play the lead role in the next TV series “The Last of Us.”

Bartlett spent some years in Australia pursuing an acting career, during which he appeared in the TV series headLnad. Bartlett moved to the United States in 2000 after appearing as con guy Luke Foster on “Neighbours” in 1993.

A few years later, he got his big break when he was invited to appear in an episode of “Sex and the City” on HBO. For four episodes of the SciFi Channel’s “Farscape,” he portrayed D.K., John Crichton’s best friend. Hugh Jackman’s Broadway smash “The Boy From Oz” starred Bartlett and his Australian touring company in 2006.

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