Who Is Taylor Kinney Dating

Who Is Taylor Kinney Dating: Taylor Kinney Is Planning To Be Married

Taylor Kinney, star of NBC’s Chicago Fire, is private about his off-screen life. The actor has been successful in keeping his personal life out of the spotlight for the most part, with the exception of his one high-profile engagement with a pop sensation. Who is Taylor Kinney now dating, if anyone? Take a peek at where his romantic life stands right now.

Who Is Taylor Kinney Dating?

The generally private Kinney sparked dating rumors in March 2022 when he posted a snapshot of a stunning woman via Instagram. One month later, they were seen together at a charity event, when she was revealed to be model Ashley Cruger.

The actual date of the couple’s first date is unknown, but their devoted following speculates it was sometime in the late summer or early fall of 2021. Cruger’s modeling portfolio indicates that she is based in Chicago, where Kinney shoots his popular show.

We don’t know much more than that at this point because both sides have kept their relationship under wraps, though Cruger did make a guest appearance in the season 11 opener of Chicago Fire. We’ll get to take pleasure in their brief on-screen presence.

Pda Was Exchanged Between Taylor Kinney And His New Girlfriend

Pda Was Exchanged Between Taylor Kinney And His New Girlfriend

Taylor Kinney’s first Instagram photo of his girlfriend Ashley Cruger occurred on March 3. The “Chicago Fire” star shared a photo of Cruger getting her nails done at a salon, in which she gave him an angry glare. As the caption said, “Why would you tell me that….” he was clearly confused. Kinney shared another image of his girlfriend to Instagram on March 15th, less than two weeks later. Cruger scribbled “Inside Out” on a close-up of his face in one of the photos.

The “Vampire Diaries” star attended a Utah event with Cruger the next month, in April. They kissed several times on the red carpet at Operation Smile’s 10th Annual Celebrity Ski and Smile Challenge benefit, as reported by Extra. According to InStyle, the actor was engaged to Lady Gaga when they both attended the 2016 event.

Kinney hasn’t revealed much about his partner beyond the vague Instagram photos. Cruger is a Chicago-based model under contract with BMG Models, where Kinney films his smash hit series. Shortly after it was revealed that they were dating, reports began to circulate that the couple could be quite serious about each other.

Taylor Kinney Is Planning To Be Married

There was talk that Taylor Kinney, star of NBC’s “Chicago Fire,” was engaged again, this time only a few months after his relationship with Ashley Cruger was announced. This was after he had been engaged to Lady Gaga for six years. No one from Kinney’s camp or his girlfriend has commented, but on June 24 Cruger posted a photo to Instagram that has many people wondering.

According to Hello!, Kinney wore a silver ring in the photo. Fans with sharp eyes started to question if the two were planning to be married. In the words of one Twitter user: “so Taylor Kinney is engaged?”

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They were making public appearances in the United States as a couple and were also taking travels together which suggested things were heating up. According to Just Jared, they were spotted on vacation together at Italy’s Lake Como in June. Kinney demonstrated his confidence in Cruger by posting another Instagram photo of her on June 27. The photo showed the kneeling near a tattoo gun, seemingly getting ready to ink Kinney’s leg. The message, which had several hashtags including “#SunOfAGun,” was written by the actor.

Formerly Taylor Kinney Was Engaged To Lady Gaga

Formerly Taylor Kinney Was Engaged To Lady Gaga

In 2011, when Taylor Kinney was cast in the music video for Lady Gaga‘s song “Yoü and I,” the two finally met. After filming concluded, the couple swiftly began dating, proving that the chemistry they shared on set could transcend to the real world.

It was a fun time for all of us. The actor from Chicago P.D. commented in an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in 2015, “I think there was chemistry” in reference to the clip (as reported by ABC News). It was a late shoot, I seem to recall. We didn’t stop filming until 5:00 or later. One thing led to another, and we shared what we knew. We stayed in touch for a couple of weeks, but suddenly it was over.

Shortly after they began dating, the couple made their relationship public by sharing photos of themselves together online and appearing at public events. Lady Gaga repeatedly professed her love for the Shameless star, but Kinney remained very silent about their relationship.

The “Poker Face” singer remarked of Howard Stern, “He is the correct guy,” during an interview in 2014. (as reported by People). That’s the impression I’m getting. I have an innate sense of this. When I think about my current relationship, I really can’t picture myself with anybody else.

Kinney proposed in 2015 with a beautiful heart-shaped diamond. On Valentine’s Day, he gave me his heart, and I answered “Yes!” Lady Gaga made the news public in an Instagram post.

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