Who Is Kendall Jenner Dating

Who Is Kendall Jenner Dating? Kendall Jenner Dating Timeline

People have an insatiable appetite for any information about the Kardashian family. Can you tell me what they’re up to? To whom do they devote their affections? As there’s always some scandal or issue going on, what’s the most recent?

It’s only natural that all eyes are on Kendall Jenner’s love life. Given her history of publicised romances, many of Kendall’s admirers are curious about the status of her personal life right now. This is the current status of the socialite and model’s relationship.

Who Is Kendall Jenner Dating?

The rumours that Kendall Jenner and Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny had been caught kissing at a bar in Los Angeles in early February 2023 sent the internet into a frenzy. Social media pages were inundated with comments from people wondering if the reports were accurate.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN KENDALL JENNER & BAD BUNNY ARE aLLegedLy DATING IM GOING TO END IT ALL BENITO THIS ISNT YOU!!!!!” one user wrote. Another said, “Apparently bad bunny was making out with Kendall Jenner and honestly a man will always disappoint me.”

Then it was claimed by People that the foursome went on a double date with Kendall Jenner’s best friend Hailey Bieber and her husband Justin Bieber. The site claims to have heard that the two “spend time together.”

“Kendall has recently started hanging out with him,” says another reliable source. “Some mutual friends set them up with each other. Only recently, he purchased a home in the Los Angeles area and relocated there.

“She likes him and is having fun,” the source continues. “He is different from guys that she dated in the past. He is very charming.”

Kendall Jenner Dating Timeline

From 2013 to the present, Kendall Jenner’s romantic relationships are detailed below.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles And Kendall Jenner

After Harry Styles and Taylor Swift broke up in 2013, in November of that same year, he was seen on a date with Kendall Jenner. A source told PEOPLE, “They’re just pals,” but by January 2014, the couple seemed to be getting more romantic on a New Year’s ski vacation with their friends. According to PEOPLE’s insider, Kendall and Harry went snowboarding and skiing. “When they were together, they made for a charming pair. Smiling and flirting were common occurrences.”

They reunited for New Year’s Eve two years later, and this time it was on a private yacht in St. Barths, where they were spotted getting intimate. “Flirting, touching, and snuggling have been commonplace. They’ve been behaving like a married couple. They appear to be quite contented and at home, “The source told People magazine.

Khloé Kardashian, Jenner’s older sister, later confirmed that she and Styles were dating. “Together, they were having a good time. To what extent do I believe that they are a couple? Yes. It’s unclear to me whether or not they’re in a serious relationship, “she disclosed to ET. “People seem to be doing some crazy stuff these days. As a result, I have no idea what their ‘title’ is. Yet, they were seen in St. Barts together, and I would consider it a date. The term “dating” comes to mind.”

PEOPLE reported in September that the two were “not officially back together” but were “continuing to communicate and see where things go” after being seen together on a few occasions in 2016. Not only did he attend Jenner’s birthday party in 2016, but so did another one of her exes, Jordan Clarkson.

While on the show, Jenner also made an appearance in December 2019 as a guest of guest presenter Jeremy Styles. She challenged him to a game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,” and inquired as to which tracks from his most recent album were written with her in mind.

Even though Styles ate cod sperm to avoid answering the questions, they still seemed to get along OK. She has a lot of history with Harry because he was her first serious boyfriend, a source told PEOPLE. But they’re only pals, you say.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas, a singer, was first introduced to Jenner in August 2015 by Joe Jonas and Joe’s then-girlfriend Gigi Hadid. “Joe and Gigi set them up,” a Jonas insider told PEOPLE. They had dinner together not long ago and have been exchanging texts ever since.

But Jonas soon put an end to any speculation of romantic interest. Later that month, he told E! News, “We’re not dating.” “Kendall is awesome, and it just makes sense that we would hang out from time to time, what with her being good friends with Gigi and Joe and Gigi being an item.”

In March of 2016, Jenner was photographed with NBA star Jordan Clarkson for the first time. They were soon spotted at several Southern California hotspots, from Coachella to Hollywood’s hottest clubs.

They don’t like to draw attention to themselves, so they keep their relationship covert, but a source told PEOPLE in April 2016 that they are “very much together and loving” when alone. He has a severe crush on her.

A reliable source revealed in June that year, “While he and her friends have become close, their relationship has remained platonic. Jordan has also been seen with other females.”

A source said that he and Jenner “certainly had a romantic feeling going on” during Drake’s AMAs afterparty when they celebrated Jenner’s 21st birthday in November, even though their romance appeared to have ended soon after.

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky and Jenner were long-time friends but never addressed rumours of a romantic relationship between them. In June 2016, they were first spotted in Paris as they strolled to Jenner’s favourite restaurant, L’Avenue. The next time they were seen together was in October, when they checked into a hotel in Los Angeles.

On their quick trip to Art Basel in Miami in December, an insider told PEOPLE that the couple seemed “quite flirtatious.” By March 2017, a friend of the model told PEOPLE that Jenner had been “spending more time” with the rapper and was “open to seeing where it goes.” The following month, she showed up to cheer on A$AP at his Coachella set, and by all accounts, the two were “all over each other” at the afterparty.

Following their memorable bathroom selfie at the Met Gala in May 2017, the couple was photographed together less regularly.

Blake Griffin

The first public sightings of Jenner and NBA player Blake Griffin together occurred over the summer of 2017. The pair was frequently spotted together at public events like concerts and after-parties. A source told, “She’s dating Blake romantically.” “Don’t worry; it’s not a major problem. Recently, she has been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles, where she is having a great time. For her, that’s the be-all and end-all of it.

In the later months of the year, she and Griffin went to Halloween Horror Nights with Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott and attended a Clippers game to cheer on Griffin. “Kendall is pleased with Blake,” the source told. “At first, their relationship was more platonic, and later, it became informal. But recently, it’s gotten much worse. They talk on the phone regularly when they are apart. Their acceptance of Blake extends to her family. It’s clear that they’re taking the time to get to know him.”

In March of 2018, she denied to Vogue that she was dating Griffin, saying instead, “Really, he is a charming person. Someone is being extremely kind to me.” Afterwards, PEOPLE heard that the couple had “cooled off” via an insider.

Someone else chimed in, “He got traded and isn’t local anymore, so they’ve grown apart a bit merely due of distance.”

Ben Simmons

In May 2018, Jenner and basketball player Ben Simmons were initially linked after being spotted on a lunch date at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Jenner revealed the romance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show in February 2019, after they had been dating on-and-off for a time before finally committing to each other.

“This 76ers player you’re seeing is undoubtedly your boyfriend. When did you two start dating seriously?” Inquired DeGeneres. Jenner’s grin was too big to conceal, and she replied, “For a bit now.”

A tweet related to Blake Grifin And Jenner:

In an interview with Vogue Australia published in May 2019, she even discussed the prospect of marriage. Certainly not at this time, but perhaps in the future, she said. It was helpful to observe how my sisters handled the spotlight.

In the latter part of that month, though, the pair officially split up. They’re taking a break, a friend of the couple tells PEOPLE. “There was no more to give in the relationship. She’s resuming her carefree lifestyle, hanging around with her pals.”

They were still friendly after breaking up. New Year’s Eve was the first time Jenner and Simmons were seen together since their breakup.

Here you can also learn about other celebrities:

Devin Booker

In April of 2020, the supermodel and Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker were sighted on a road trip to Arizona, sparking suspicions of a romantic relationship between the two. An insider told PEOPLE in September that Kendall was “pleased” following their journey to the lake with Justin and Hailey Bieber. “It’s clear that Devin adores her and treats her with tenderness. Aside from Kendall, he also has a close relationship with Kendall’s extended relatives and friends. There’s a clear sense of enjoyment throughout this peaceful time together.”

Although Jenner is usually private about her personal life, she made an exception for Valentine’s Day 2021 and completed her relationship with Booker Instagram official. “What started as a pleasant hookup is becoming a romance,” an anonymous source. “Kendall is over the moon with happiness since meeting Devin, and they’re an exclusive couple.”

In June of 2021, the happy couple celebrated their first year together by posting several mushy Instagram photos of themselves. “She is infatuated about him,” an insider told PEOPLE. “She is happier than ever before. Everyone in her family has a soft spot for Devin as well.”

The couple momentarily broke up not long after celebrating their second year together in June 2022, but they were back together again quite quickly. In July 2022, she posted his NBA 2K23 cover on Instagram, and that same month the couple went on a tropical vacation.

By the time the U.S. Open rolled around in September, it was evident that the couple was back together.

It was revealed the following month that Jenner and Booker had secretly split up. Another insider added, “They have a lot of love and respect for each other and wish only the best.” “Both have tremendously busy schedules right now with their careers, and they’ve decided to prioritize that,” a source told PEOPLE.

Bad Bunny

Jenner and rapper Bad Bunny were spotted exiting a Los Angeles restaurant in February 2023. At Wally’s in Beverly Hills, the two were on a double date with the Biebers.

A source later told PEOPLE that the two “are spending time together.” Another source added: “Kendall recently started hanging out with him. He moved to L.A. a few weeks ago and bought a house.:

The insider continued, “She likes him and is having fun. He is different from guys that she dated in the past. He is very charming.”

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