Who Is Jeffree Star Dating

Who Is Jeffree Star Dating: What Is The Real Name Of Jeffree Star And How Did She Amass Such A Fortune?

On November 15, 1985, American society welcomed a new businessman: Jeffree Star. Jeffree Star started the makeup company. Jeffree discovered his love for makeup as a child when he played with his mother’s supplies.

When he was in middle school, his mother finally gave him permission to wear makeup to class. He changed his name to Jeffree Star after finishing high school and relocating to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Who Is Jeffree Star Dating?

Someone special has entered Jeffree Star’s life. The Makeup mogul made his new flame known to the world on Saturday via his Twitter page. On Twitter, he shared a sweet photo with his new beau.

“Goodbye LA, time to spend time with my #NFL boo in Wyoming,” he wrote in the caption of the post. In the snap shared by Jeffree, he and his new boyfriend can be seen holding hands while catching a flight back to his ranch in Wyoming.

Pictured were Jeffree and his new NFL girlfriend, their fingers interlaced with his characteristic tattooed and jeweled nails. Only their legs are visible because the image ends just below their waists.

The beauty influencer has been keeping his new boyfriend’s name a secret for the time being. Fans, however, have already begun speculating about which NFL star might become Jeffree’s new beau.

One social media user wrote, “It’s Tom Brady isn’t it.” Followed by a user who penned, “That’s Aaron Rodgers!!!!” Another user chimed in, “I bet he’s the Tight End.” Some fan entered the chat and said, “Aaron Rodgers.”

A user commented, “Tryna figure out what NFL player it is based on the foot and hand size alone.” Another user went on to say, “Hell yeah, live it up. Wishing you nothing but happiness & more success.” Read continuously to know what is the real name of Jeffree Star.

What Is The Real Name Of Jeffree Star?

What Is The Real Name Of Jeffree Star

Jeffree was born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger, Jr. in Orange County, California. Jeffree has been quite forthright with his audience about the suicide of his father at a young age and his challenging upbringing.

Jeffree revealed, “I spent my entire high school career in complete sweaters and slacks in temperatures of 90 degrees and no one ever inquired why.” “And I was slashing myself all over the place the whole time. Because I didn’t know how to handle my emotions as a child, I now have scars all over my body.”

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Jeffree traveled to Los Angeles after finishing high school, where he first supported himself by doing makeup for celebrities. Although he did not go on to replace Lady Gaga as pop’s reigning icon, he did find success in his first love: the world of cosmetics. Read the next paragraph to know how Jeffree Star made her fortune.

How Did Jeffree Star Amass Such A Fortune?

Jeffree Star started his namesake cosmetics line in 2014, and it was an immediate hit. However, that’s not the only way Jeffree brings in the cash. The internet celebrity claims to be involved in several industries, including cannabis and real estate.

She said, “I’m a businessman, and I love investing.” “I run the show from start to finish, from printing and manufacturing to shipping and delivery. Beyond my well-known cosmetics empire, I also run a number of other enterprises under different names.”

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Has A New Valuation Of $150 Million

Jeffree, the CEO of a well-known cosmetics brand, has been surprisingly open about the challenges he’s faced. Before the release of his Magic Star concealer in 2019, Jeffree was the victim of a big heist at the hands of black market dealers. The FBI became involved after the $2.5 million heist to uncover the truth about the inside job.

“When it comes to the law, I’ve brought in an entire team of investigators to help me out. The FBI has been absolutely phenomenal in their interactions with us “The statement made by Jeffree at the time. “Things have just gotten terrible. It defies belief.”

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