Who is David Archuleta

Who is David Archuleta? Get to Know About Singer and Songwriter!

David Archuleta, who started singing at 7, hails from a musically inclined family. His mother is a singer and salsa dancer, and his father plays trumpet. The 17-year-old hadn’t yet entered his teenage years when his vocal coach Dean Kaelin recognized his talent six years ago, the “first time I heard him sing.”

By the time Archuleta was 12, he had already won the junior singers’ division of the popular talent competition “Star Search,” However, a virus had damaged his vocal chord, causing him to lose half of his voice. It paralyzed one chord.

“I said, ‘OK turn your head and sing.’ One vocal chord was doing all the work,” Kaelin said.

The medical condition that permanently altered the voice of the quiet youngster with the huge voice required him to deal with it. Archuleta’s recovery took months of labor and vocal instruction, but Kaelin claimed he never entirely recovered.

Ironically, the teen’s debilitating sickness gave him his distinctive, rich voice, which has received much praise and admiration.

Who is David Archuleta
Who is David Archuleta

According to Kaelin, Archuleta, who was brought up in the Mormon Church, picks all of the songs he performs in the well-known singing competition, which shows aspects of his personality.

“What you see is genuine. He’s very honest. He’s very unassuming. He’s very humble,” he said.

Friends claimed that the Murray High School student, who listed Bryan Adams, Kirk Franklin, Natalie Cole, and Stevie Wonder as musical influences, behaves the same whether in front of 35 people or 35 million.

The bashful boy’s seeming gentility isn’t the only thing drawing attention to him. Some detractors have questioned if Jeff Archuleta, the boy’s father, is pushing his son too hard to succeed.

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However, Archuleta’s pals claimed nothing peculiar about the couple’s relationship stands out.

“Like any dad would be supportive and helping him telling him to practice and trying to get him to do his best,” said Archuleta’s friend Jessica Judd.

“I really am really grateful for his friendship, not just his stardom that’s gotten me on ‘Good Morning America,'” Judd said.

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