Who Is Chris Brown Dating

Who Is Chris Brown Dating And The Dating History Of Chris Brown

Chris Brown, born Christopher Maurice Brown on May 5, 1989, is a well-known American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. Billboard refers to Brown as “the King of R&B” and lists him among the genre’s most popular performers of his generation. His music has been characterized as polyhedric, incorporating pop and hip-hop elements into his R&B.

He tends to focus on sex, romance, the fast life, desire, regret, and emotional conflict in his songs. Brown has a cult following and is compared to Michael Jackson because of his charisma on stage. Following his deal with Jive Records, Brown’s self-titled debut studio album was triple platinum recognized by the RIAA in 2004. Now read the post to know Chris Brown’s dating history.

Who Is Chris Brown Dating?

Chris Brown is a well-known American rapper and vocalist. He is appreciated for both his on-stage dancing and his lovely voice. He is considered the most well-known R&B performer in the business. Chris Brown has had many girlfriends, including famous people, co-stars, and stars from different fields.

Chris Brown has always welcomed attention from all over the world on his dating page. With his most recent divas, he has garnered back-to-back headlines. He has never been afraid to end relationships or split up with partners, and he has also rekindled relationships with some of his ex-partners. Some of my partners and I have had on-and-off relationships.

Three children were born to Chris Brown. Three women, all of whom are ex-girlfriends or partners of his, have joint custody of three of his children. He was previously in the news for dramatically boosting his payments for his children’s child support. His three children are Royalty Brown, Aeko Catori Brown, and Lovely Symphani Brown.

According to recent speculations, he may begin a relationship with Diamond Brown, the mother of his most recent child. He was more concerned about his infant daughter’s well-being than just co-parenting, which suggested that his interests extend beyond simple co-parenting.

Dating History Of Chris Brown

Diamond Brown And Chris Brown

Model Diamond Brown has walked the LAFW runway. She debuted on the runway in 2018 wearing a bodysuit made of metal, boots that reached her thighs, and a body cape.

She had already appeared in a stunning crimson gown for a different runway earlier in the same year.

When Chris Brown liked several of her Instagram photographs in 2019, people started noticing her. She went to the singer’s 30th birthday celebration.

With her, Brown had a daughter they call Lovely Symphani Brown as their third kid. Chris Brown announced his paternity to the public by uploading a photo of her infant to his Instagram story.

Ammika Harris And Chris Brown

Brown’s second child, Aeko Catori Brown, born in November 2019, is the product of Brown and Ammika Harris.

Model Ammika Harris resides in Germany. She has a presence online as well. Harris’s official Instagram account has more than a million followers.

Ammika Harris And Chris Brown

Chris Brown and Harris were connected in 2015. Their romance had been lively. They were pictured together in Europe when the first allegations about them surfaced. She was made to participate in the singer’s relationship with Tran.

Indya Marie And Chris Brown

America’s Indya Marie is a musician. Marie is most recognized for her successful modeling career. She also has had a lot of success in her career as an accessories designer and wardrobe stylist.

Marie runs a website where she sells a range of accessories called Mariejean Accessories.

Agnez Mo And Chris Brown

When their pictures became viral between 2017 and 2018, rumors started circulating that Chris Brown was dating Agnez Mo. They were observed interacting closely while being photographed together in the studio.

Indonesian actress and R&B singer Agnez Mo. She can be heard a lot in hip-hop and pop songs. Mo is well-known for her work on image makeovers. She became incredibly well-known after her hit, “Long As I Get Paid,” was released.

Vanessa Vargas And Chris Brown

In 2017, Chris Brown and Vanessa Vargas were linked.

Vargas is a Venezuelan dancer and choreographer. She is a journalist and educator as well. They were seen together in public, and there were pictures of them on social media.

Brown’s partnership with Vanessa also involved Rihanna.

Karrueche Tran And Chris Brown

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown had a relationship in 2011.

Their relationship has been on-and-off. Because Chris Brown restarted his romantic life with Rihanna in the interim, their relationship was also linked to her.

Model and actor Karrueche Tran is from the United States. She is best known for playing Vivian Johnson in the film The Bay. She is also well known for playing Virginia in the TNT television series Claw.

He instantly uploaded a video of Tran after ending their relationship. Its content included Rihanna, Tran, and Chris Brown, and it was titled The Real Chris Brown. He then got back together with Rihanna, which did not last very long, and then he got back together with Tran, which also did not last very long.

Michael Draya And Chris Brown

American fashion influencer and model Draya Michele. Additionally, she has acted in several movies and television shows. For her part in Basketball Wives LA, she is well-known. Michele also owns numerous clothing brands, including Mint Swim, Fine Ass Girls, Beige, and Coco. In contrast to the popular view of him, she had painted Brown as a wonderful boyfriend.

Jasmine Sanders And Chris Brown

Model and fashion icon Jasmine Sanders is American-German. Many people refer to Sanders as “the Golden Barbie.” She is renowned for the bikini featured in Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret Pink and for her most prominent features. They allegedly had an affair that lasted for roughly five months.

The 2019 reunion was contentious. A few days earlier, Brown and Ammika Harris welcomed their second child, a son. In Miami, the duo was seen together and captured on camera.

Rhea And Chris Brown

Rhea And Chris Brown

In 2010, Chris Brown and Rhea Kerwin were a couple.

There were rumors that they briefly had an intimate relationship. American actress Kerwin is well-known for her work in the television series The Young and the Restless.

Erica Jackson And Chris Brown

Chris Brown had dated Erica Jackson in the past. Both of them are Virginia natives. Jackson was a student at the University of Mary Washington in 2009. He was near the campus, and several other media outlets reported seeing Jackson and Brown together. They claimed to be leaving a tattoo shop.

Natalie Mejia And Christopher Brown

Girlicious’ Natalie Mejia performs as a singer. When they were seen in a tattoo shop together in 2009, there were claims that they were dating. In reaction to the rumors, both delivered statements that each categorically denied having a romantic relationship.

Nicki Minaj And Chris Brown

Regarding their relationship, Rihanna and Chris Brown have frequently been mentioned in the news.

His path has repeatedly crossed hers. From 2007 through 2009, Rihanna and Chris Brown were a couple. They were both in their adolescent years at the time. They had both performed on stage in the same field and had drawn notice from everyone for their fantastic chemistry.

Rihanna And Chris Brown

The lead single from her album Good Girl Gone Bad, “Umbrella,” which won her a Grammy Award, was remixed with his help. He had also been with her when she visited Asia.

The revelation of Chris Brown physically assaulting Rihanna rocked the music industry. It had only been one night after her performance at the 2009 Grammy Awards.

She was bleeding from her face in the pictures that appeared online after the incident, and she also had split lips and black eyes. Her bruise-covered hospital bed was depicted in her images.

At the show, they were slated to collaborate on a performance. After that, he was accused of domestic abuse. Before the court, he entered a guilty plea to one count of assault in exchange for community service, counseling, probation, a restraining order, and the avoidance of jail time.

Rihanna is a well-known Barbadian pop and R&B singer. She is well known for her songs “We Found Love” and “Love the Way You Lie,” both of which feature Calvin Harris and Eminem.

With a projected net worth of 1.7 billion USD as of 2022, Rihanna is the youngest self-made wealthy female. She has received numerous honors and medals, including Grammy Awards.

The founder of the clothing and cosmetics brands Fenty Beauty, Fenty, Fenty Beauty LLC, Savage X Fenty, and Clara Lionel Foundation, which focuses on climate change issues in the Caribbean and the United States, is the successful businesswoman Rihanna.

The couple began dating again later that year, garnering media attention. In the end, they parted ways in 2013. Given the news of him congratulating her on the birth of her child with A$AP, it is assumed that they are both still in a good relationship. Rocky

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