Who Is Chase Stokes Dating

Who Is Chase Stokes Dating And About His Past Relationships

Chase Stokes, the star of the popular Netflix series Outer Banks, is a familiar face to many for his charmingly innocent performance. Chase plays John B., a treasure hunter whose love interest is Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline). Their storyline is a classic star-crossed teen lovers romance.

After his breakup with Madelyn Cline in real life, Chase may find himself single again. Read on to find out who Chase Stokes is dating and why.

Who Is Chase Stokes Dating?

There were rumors that after his breakup with Madelyn, Chase was seeing other women, including Eve Jobs, daughter of the late Apple, Inc. CEO Steve Jobs, and Izzy Metz, another model.

Chase’s new relationship was the subject of rumors on Instagram on January 13, 2023, after he uploaded a photo dump of them together. There was a picture of Chase and country music artist Kelsea Ballerini cuddling at a game. Kelsea added “go vols” to the conversation in the comments.

The next time TMZ saw Chase Stokes was in Los Angeles on January 17th, 2023. The media told Chase that he and Kelsea make a cute couple, and his response of “Thank you” only served to reinforce the allegations. When questioned about his interest in Kelsea, Chase revealed, “She’s a nice young lady. Let me say that the two of us are enjoying ourselves immensely.”

The two were notoriously cagey about their relationship, but Kelsea addressed dating rumors in the 22nd episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast in 2023. It turned out she said, “My thumb slid into the DMs. My manager currently resides in Charleston, where he shoots [Outer Banks]. … When I was ready, [my manager] said, “You know who’s very cute, like, when you’re ready? Chase.’ To which I responded, “You are very right.”

Kelsea also revealed the endearing way she started the conversation: “His username is ‘hi chase stokes,’ and I just said, ‘Hello, Chase Stokes.'”

In the past, Kelsea had been married to fellow country music artist Morgan Evans, but after five years of marriage, the two got a divorce in August 2022. November of that year supposedly marked the end of their marriage, as reported by People.

A cute romance appears to have formed thanks to Kelsea’s quick thinking (and that of her boss). Seasons 1 and 2 of Chase in Outer Banks are available to stream on Netflix, with Season 3 debuting on the service on February 23, 2023.

Chase Stokes And Izzy Metz

Once his relationship with Madelyn became public, Chase was seen with 22-year-old model Izzy Metz. In July of 2022, a source provided US Weekly with information about the two after seeing them at a gathering in New York City. There was a party at The Box, and Chase and Izzy went.

Izzy Metz on Instagram:

They arrived and left together, the informant said, and they were also spotted entering and leaving Marquee. In addition, the insider claimed that Izzy and Chase were very “flirty” all night. They went on to say that “they were pretty flirtatious,” hugging and holding hands.

They were holding hands and kissing passionately in the car. They were making an effort to keep a low profile. Even though they were caught on camera leaving the event hand in hand (as seen above), their whirlwind romance ultimately fizzled out.

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Chase And Xiomara Montalvo

Chase And Xiomara Montalvo

Lastly, before Chase dated the aforementioned celebrities, he was deeply in love with a regular girl named Xiomara Montalvo for about ten years. Although not much is known about their long-term relationship, in May 2020, Chase spoke to The Strategist about the breakup without naming her.

“I went through a breakup a little bit before quarantine, and it was with somebody I’d been dating for about ten years,” he added. I’ve been writing about it, finding motivation in the loneliness of quarantine since the experience is so emotionally resonant.

Although Xiomara is not as well-known as her ex-boyfriend, she does have over 3,000 Instagram followers thanks to her beautiful swimsuit photos.

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