Who Died in BTS

Who Died in BTS: Who Was Kim Jong-Hyun?

It’s likely that, as a music fan, you’re familiar with the Bangtan Boys, also known simply as BTS. People all across the world have come to recognize and love this South Korean brand. In 2010, a group of musicians and entertainers got together to start their journey. To know who died in BTS keep reading.

In 2013, the band’s performance drew widespread acclaim. It was on the Big Hit International label that this group made its initial appearance. Overnight, with the publication of their debut album, they gained an army of devoted followers. Some of the audience members began following the artists closely, eventually becoming devoted fans.

Who Died in BTS?

At this point, you should be aware of which member of BTS passed away. To answer your question, Jin did indeed perish in a car crash on February 10th, 2202. In an instant, he was no longer with us. The incident occurred at 2.46 p.m. EST. For the rest of the group, it came as a complete and utter surprise. Only 23 years old, Jin was forced to give his life. The nation is ecstatic about this tragic news. Other members of the team are feeling sad and helpless because of their friend and coworker’s sudden departure.

Sadly, the answer to the question of which member of BTS passed away most recently is Jin. His squad suffered another defeat shortly before his. A member of the BTS group had to leave the group in 2017, thus that was a year of farewells. Kim Jong-hyun took his own life (they claimed to be part of the BTS Band but were never part of it). It was another unexpected surprise for the group. The crew has yet to figure out what caused his death. Assumptions point to suicide as the cause of death. Kim Jong-hyun death by suicide occurred at his home on December 18th, 2017.

On the 18th of December, his body was discovered in his Seoul residence. At 4:42 p.m., his sister finally saw him. On his deathbed, he penned a brief letter. He was venting his anger, sadness, and other negative emotions.

After calling the police, he was removed from the residence. In addition, he was admitted to the hospital for treatment, but the doctors were unable to save his life. Reports and the autopsy revealed that he died from inhaling carbon monoxide. Coal briquettes have been found on the frying pan and have been partially burned, according to the investigations. But Jonghyun’s relatives insist he did not kill himself. Their son’s suicide left them in shock, and they could not accept that he was gone. The police are currently looking into the circumstances surrounding the unusual death.

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Who Was Kim Jong-Hyun?

Who Was Kim Jong-Hyun

Kim Jong-hyun was a member of the South Korean boy band Shinee, which achieved global success. During his brief but fruitful career, he contributed to the arts in numerous ways, including as a songwriter, singer, producer, radio host, and book. His suicide in 2017 at the age of 27 sent shockwaves around the world. After beginning his career with S.M. Entertainment when he was just a youngster, he experienced a game-changing breakthrough when he debuted with the K-pop boy band Shinee in 2008.

The 2015 release of his first solo effort, the album-length ‘Base,’ marked the beginning of his career as a solo artist. His subsequent studio debut, She Is, and second compilation, Story Op. 2, were both published the following year after the album’s massive popularity around the world. In December 2017, he was discovered dead in the apartment he had rented with the intent of committing himself there. There were rumors that he was depressed to a significant degree. He was more interested in being remembered as a poet than a K-pop star, and his posthumously released album Poet | Artist reflects that.

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