Who Dating Angela Simmons

Who Dating Angela Simmons: Timeline of Angela Simmons Relationships

On September 18th, 1987, Angela Simmons entered this world. Simmons is a multifaceted artist who has managed to carve out a career in acting, shoe design, entrepreneurship, social media impact, fashion, and reality television. She’s a mother in addition to her many other roles in life. Simmons’s most notable film roles are in the movies “Pressure Makes Diamonds,” “Just Angela,” and “Growing Up Hip Hop.”

Who Dating Angela Simmons?

It’s safe to say that Yo Gotti and Angela Simmons have made an unforgettable entrance into the year 2023.

As of Sunday (Jan. 1), Yo Gotti and Angela Simmons are official items, as announced on Instagram. The two stars deleted all their old Instagram posts from 2022 and replaced them with new content depicting their joint celebration of the new year.

Gotti released a video of Angela wearing an expensive black dress and gloves for an evening event, with diamond jewelry. With “Forever” by Lil Baby and Friday playing in the background, the CMG CEO wishes Angela a happy 2023.

Sending best wishes for the next year. He compliments her appearance, and she says, “Mmmm, thanks.”

The scene shifts to the hip-hop couple drinking champagne in the rear of the automobile under the starry sky as they count down to 2023. The black heart emoji was Gotti’s way of saying, “loss a crush since High School.”

It’s possible that Yo Gotti is alluding to his song “Down in the DM” from 2015, in which he first admitted he had a crush on Angela.

During the song’s original release, he rapped, “And I just followed Angela (Simmons)/Boy, I got a crush on Angela Simmons/They like, ‘Damn Gotti, you bold’/Fuck it, I’m gon’ let the world know (#goals).”

In the intervening eight years, Gotti has been able to turn his crush into his wife.

The 41-year-old lyricist also shared a series of images, including one of himself ushering Angela out of a Rolls-Royce and another of him grabbing Angela’s butt with both hands during a passionate kiss.

Angela confirmed their relationship with a series of gorgeous images of herself and Gotti in and around a black Rolls-Royce that she posted on Instagram. “You are all I need and more [red heart emoji],” she captioned the photo.

Who Is Yo Gotti?

Who Is Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti is the stage name of American rapper Mario Mims, better known as Mims. He is representative of the Southern hip-hop school of the 1990s, a time period rich with talented lyricists and emcees. Yo Gotti’s rapping style is a hybrid of non-Southern and Southern hip-hop influences, however, he leans more heavily toward the Gangsta school of rap. Rapping is his specialty, and he is widely regarded as the current underground rap leader and the brightest hip-hop star in Memphis Town. His parents and grandparents were both con artists, so he had a head start on learning the trade.

Because he realized that “Either you hustle till you go to jail or you transition out,” he opted to make a career change and become a rapper. He was influenced to become a musician by the likes of the Three Six Mafia, 8 Ball & MJG, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Al Kapone, Gangsta Blackhe, and Lil Yo, among others, and has since released numerous successful albums such as “From da Dope Game 2 da Rap Game,” “Self Explanatory,” “Life,” “I Am,” etc. Sexually explicit and depicting the perils of life in the ghetto, his lyrics are a staple of his music.

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Character Analysis of Angela Reene Simoons

Simmons, Angela Renne, was born and raised in the New York City borough of Queens. She’s the rap legend’s daughter; Joseph Simmons (aka Rev Run) was a famous rapper in his own right. He is also a pioneer in the hip-hop music scene, having co-founded the legendary group Run-DMC. She was named after her mother, Valerie Vaughn. Joseph “Jojo” Simmons Jr. is Simmons’ younger brother, and Vanessa is his older sister. She is also the eldest of her four half-siblings, including Daniel Simmons III, Victoria Anne Simmons, Russell Simmons II, and Miley Justine Simmons. She had a sister named Victoria, but she sadly lost tragically soon after she was born.

She graduated from the High School for Fashion Industries and continued her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology. However, after one year, Simmons opted to abandon her academic pursuits in favor of a career in business. She was no stranger to the spotlight, what with hip-hop royalty in her family. However, she became well-known after starring in the 2005 TV series “Run’s House,” which was inspired by her own family.

After that, in 2006, Simmons became the editor of an adolescent fashion mini-magazine called “Angela’s Rundown.” She remained in the magazine’s employ until its final issue was published in 2012. She also kept making appearances on the 2009 reality show Daddy’s Girls, which also starred her older sister.

She has made numerous guest appearances on shows including “Fashion News Live,” “Growing Up Hip Hop,” and “The Real” over the years. It’s not just acting that she does; she’s also an entrepreneur and style icon.

Timeline of Angela Simmons Relationships

Yo Gotti, Daniel Jacobs, Brandon Jennings, Lance Gross, Brandon Jacobs, Terry Kennedy, Khalil Mack, Ricky Hil, and even Rob Kardashian have all purportedly dated Angela Simmons.

Simmons’ alleged ex-boyfriends also include NFL athletes Cam Newton and Julius Peppers.

We delve further into her friendship with Romeo Miller and her suspected affair with music producer London On Da Track, as well as her storied romance with the late Sutton Tennyson.

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