Where Is Julian Newman NowWhere Is Julian Newman Now

Where Is Julian Newman Now: His Father Served As Jaden Newman Coach

Orlando, Florida-born American basketball star Julian Newman graduated from Prodigy Prep in 2020. Despite being barely 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters) in height, he plays point guard. In 2012, when Newman was in the fifth grade and playing varsity basketball at Downey Christian School, he became a YouTube phenomenon after posting a series of highlight clips of his games. Some news outlets praised him as a young genius, while others criticized the way he was pushed into the spotlight. Read below to know where is Julian Newman now.

When Newman, then three years old, expressed an interest in playing basketball, his father, Jamie, wasted no time getting him set up with full-size balls and recreational leagues with older boys. There are rumors that Newman’s father instilled in him a strong work ethic from an early age, with some claiming that as a kid, he would make 100 free throws, 200 floaters, and 200 jump shots in a single session.

Where Is Julian Newman Now?

Julian Newman is unsigned and unranked as of the year 2022. He often uploads episodes of his reality show Hello Newmans to sites including YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Julian and his family (sister Jaden, mom Vivian, and dad Jamie) are the main characters in this comedic series.

His Father Served As Jaden Newman Coach

The local coach Jamie was instrumental in helping his team improve their game. In the mornings, they would get up early to train with their dad in an effort to improve their physical fitness.

Jaden, who has been working with her dad to improve in all areas of the game, boasted, “I don’t simply score the ball. I’m capable of anything you can throw at me. Further, she stated, “I know basketball and I know how to play defense and get tough steals and distribute the ball.”

Much later, Jamie also participated in several major bouts alongside his offspring. Jamie’s fierce and obsessive devotion to basketball was on full display in a March 2021 YouTube video titled “I’m Ready To Go PRO!” Jaden Newman Is Going To The WNBA?

When Jaden Come In His Profession

When Jaden Come In His Profession

As early as age 10, he was averaging 200 points per game on floaters, 200 points per game on jump shots, and 100 points per game on free throws. When he was younger, Julian enrolled in many public schools. But none of those institutions had a track record of developing basketball talent or preparing players for success in the “National Basketball Association” (NBA).

Jamie enrolled his son in “Downey Christian School” in the 2012-2013 school year because of the school’s reputation as a basketball-friendly environment. Jamie taught history and coached basketball at the same school. Julian joined the school basketball team in the 2012 season. As a fifth grader, he had two game-high scoring performances of 63 and 91 points. In the wake of this performance, he became an internet sensation. His students created the film and uploaded it to “YouTube,” where it has attracted over a million views.

Eventually, he became increasingly well-known, and his shows only got better as time went on. He also posted a mixtape on YouTube that documented his exercise program; it has over a million “views” at the moment. He became famous enough on social media that several big American news outlets began covering him. There were a few that reported on his ordeal. The New York Times and People magazine both ran profiles of him. Because Julian was too young to deal with the spotlight, his father went in his place for numerous media appearances.

Television programs also sought him out for interviews. The likes of “Good Morning America,” “The Steve Harvey Show,” and “Today” have had him as a guest. His participation on the widely syndicated “The Steve Harvey Show” propelled him to stardom around the world.

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“The most advertised 12-year-old basketball player in the world,” as the headline for a feature story about Julian in the major publication “Tampa Bay Times” put it, is Julian. The article’s main arguments stated that Julian was not a magical player but rather a talented athlete. His father, Jamie, was attacked for promoting him and his sister, Jaden because both of them were drawing attention in the basketball world at the same time.

Throughout high school, Julian played and improved his talents despite the naysayers, and he competed successfully with boys who were far taller than him. He set the high school record for scoring 1,000 points in the quickest time ever. With over 3,000 points scored by the time he graduated high school in 2018, his total is the highest in the annals of American high school basketball. He hopes to continue playing basketball at the collegiate level and is now searching for the best fit.

Jaden Intimate And Personal

Despite the online notoriety, Julian Newman and his loved ones have struggled. His dad takes a lot of flak for making his kids work so hard at such a young age. Many worry that this may put undue stress on young people. It has been argued that Julian’s popularity is greatly exaggerated. The opposing fans’ chants of “overrated” have been heard at a few of his high school games.

Julian is a superb talent, but his professional track record is less than stellar. That’s because of the NBA’s strict height limits. There is little chance that 17-year-old Julian, who is now about 5 feet and 6 inches tall, will continue to develop any further in height. The “NBA” has a height restriction of 5 feet, 9 inches. His dad, on the other hand, is still holding out hope that his kid may one day play basketball for a national powerhouse.

The attention that Julian has received has not changed him or his daily habits. He continues to suffer from his addiction to the game. The family has a basketball court that he frequently uses to work on his skills whenever he gets some free time. He will occasionally use all three basketballs in a drill.

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