Was Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant

9-1-1: Was Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant? How Her Character “Helped” Her Postpartum Depression “Really”

The real world often mirrors the fictional one. Fans of 9-1-1 couldn’t help but wonder if JLH and Maddie’s simultaneous pregnancies were more than a coincidence when they both gave birth in the same month.

FOX’s drama 9-1-1 follows the fictional Los Angeles Fire Department’s Station 118 and its crew of firemen, paramedics, and other emergency personnel. Sister of firefighter Evan “Buck” Buckley, Maddie Buckley (previously Maddie Kendall) is a nurse and 911 operator who relocates to Los Angeles after fleeing her abusive husband, Doug Kendall (played by Hewitt).
After taking a three-year vacation from acting following the loss of her mother, Patricia Hewitt, in 2012, Hewitt spoke to The Los Angeles Times in 2018, explaining why she joined 9-1-1 as her first part. “I needed time to myself to mourn the loss of my mum. “I had to learn how to be a wife and a mother,” she explained. There was so much going on in my personal life that I felt I needed some time and room to just be. I’ve appreciated the time off, and in the recent months since returning to acting, I feel like it’s done a wonderful thing for me by making my acting and entertainment work feel less like “It’s everything all the time” than it was before.
Hewitt has become a mother of three children since her acting comeback with 9-1-1. Aidan, her third child, was born in 2021, the same year that Maddie had her daughter, Jee-Yun. Was Jennifer Love Hewitt, who played Maddie in 9-1-1, also pregnant? What we know so far about 9-1-1 star Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pregnancy is detailed below.

Was  9-1-1 Maddie Jennifer Love Hewitt pregnant?

Was Jennifer Love Hewitt expecting a child while filming 9-1-1? In a word, yeah. Season four of 9-1-1 aired from September 2021 to May 2022, during which both Hewitt and her on-screen alter ego, Maddie Buckley, were expecting children.
Was Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant
Was Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant
Hewitt shared the news that she was expecting a boy, Aidan, in May of 2021. In September 2021, she gave birth to Aidan. This is how my children finally got me to go to the doctor. Everyone seemed to enjoy my belly. Legend has it that during labor, mothers leave their bodies, journey to the stars, and bring back the souls of their newborns.
To come and get you, Aidan James, was the greatest honor of my life. Hewitt wrote “nearly cooked” in the caption of an Instagram photo of her pregnant belly and then said, “Now back to snuggles and sleeping.” Hewitt and her husband, Brian Hallisay, are the proud parents of three children: Aidan, born in 2012, daughter Autumn, born in 2013, and son Atticus, born in 2015.

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Season 3, Episode 18 “What’s Next?” revealed that Maddie was expecting her first child with her boyfriend Howard “Howie”/”Chimney” Han. In episode 9 of season 4, titled “Blindsided,” Maddie gave birth to a daughter she and Chimney named Jee-Yun.
(When Maddie started dating Howie, she was married to an abusive man named Doug Kendall; she eventually left him and moved to Los Angeles to be with her brother, Evan Buckley, and to work as a nurse and 911 operator.) Maddie developed postpartum depression after the birth of Jee-Yun, prompting her to uproot the family and go to Boston, Massachusetts.
(With the birth of her son Aidan, Maddie took maternity leave from her job at 9-1-1.) Six months after relocating to Boston, Maddie and Chimney found each other again. On the flight back to L.A., they decided to end their relationship because they had grown apart. After Maddie informs Chimney she’s “done running” at the beginning of season 6, episode 1 “Let the Games Begin,” the two are reunited.
Hewitt told TV Line in March 2022 that the simultaneous pregnancies of herself and Maddie were just coincidental.When we started doing Maddie’s pregnancy storyline, I was not pregnant, but very quickly into that storyline, I found out that I was.
She said-
“So I was pregnant while she was pregnant. And with the timing of everything, I also ended up sort of being on my own postpartum journey as I was filming her postpartum episodes. It was very interesting timing throughout the whole thing for her and me. It was actually very helpful.”
“My postpartum was sort of rushed through because I had to give it all to Maddie. [Playing that character] gave me a place to put all the emotions. So it helped me, in real life, push through it probably a lot faster than I would have. I was very grateful for that.”

She continued-

 “The after-having a baby part is as important for the mom and for the partner of the mom to pay attention to. There’s a lot that happens. I literally just went through this where I had postpartum. Fortunately, I had people around me to pay attention and tell me that I didn’t seem like myself or that maybe I was struggling more than I was allowing myself to vocalize. I’m so grateful to be playing this storyline for people out there. I hope that they feel seen and heard and can help people who might be struggling and feel like they can’t say anything. I hope it helps somebody.”

Maddie was also diagnosed with postpartum thyroiditis, a disorder in which the thyroid becomes inflamed after having birth, in addition to postpartum depression. Hewitt told TV Line why she thought it was important for Maddie’s postpartum plotline to occur in 9-1-1. After giving birth, women undergo a battery of quick blood tests before being discharged. “Oh, it looks nice,” they say. You must be feeling a little off today.

Hewitt said-

“I appreciated that in Maddie’s storyline, we really get into how part of what happened to her was just a missed hormone panel that no one paid attention to because she fell into this rare category of people who needed this certain kind of thing for her thyroid. I’m sure there will be women out there watching who will think, ‘I’ve been feeling weird, maybe I need to go ask for that and look more into that.’ Or reach out to people and say, ‘I’m not feeling right,’ and they have to pay attention.”

She continued,

“There’s a real hole in mental health for women after they have a baby in that it’s very much like walking on eggshells. No one wants to upset the tired new mom who’s breastfeeding and doing all of this. And the moms are sitting there like, ‘Why isn’t anybody asking if I’m OK? I don’t feel right.’”

Hewitt also explained to TV Line why she’s relieved Maddie and Chimney didn’t get back together as soon as she got back to LA.

“Anyone who’s been in any sort of treatment needs to reacclimate themselves to life. They need to get back into their old clothes, their old shoes, their old ways and bring the new things with them.”

“From he moment she is able to go, ‘I am ready to be a mom again and I can do that,’ she’s going to full into being a mom again,” she said. “That is for the rest of the season. There are no more weird or unsure moments with that baby. She is just happy to be a mom again, and feel confident and good about her ability to do so.”

In addition, in March 2022, Hewitt discussed how Maddie’s postpartum depression was similar to “versions of” her own postpartum experiences throughout her three pregnancies in an interview with Entertainment Today. The challenge of returning to work with a baby who is now four or five months old is what makes this chapter so intriguing.

she said-

“I was so very much in my own postpartum journey. Having to play Maddie in the middle of hers, which is a little bit different than mine, but having to do that every day—it was really hard. But it was also very cathartic and really interesting. I feel it kind of helped me in my own journey, sort of pushed through faster and be able to have a place to put it and to understand all those things that we could go through as women.”

She continued-

“It was scary for sure because I was like, ‘Wow, this is intense.’ I know the storyline a little too well at the moment… and being a mom with two other kids, you have to come home from doing all that stuff during the day and then you have to be smiley and have rainbows shooting out of your eyeballs because they need joy and happiness.”

“It was a lot to balance, but it was very, very important to me, for the audience, to tell the story. For women out there to tell the story and the story really handles more than just postpartum depression. It handles depression in general and it handles people that feel maybe suicide is an option for them. We really run the gamut. We talk about all of the things that wrap back into the story and it was very important.

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