Vlad Tenev Net Worth

Vlad Tenev Net Worth: Is Robinhood Invented By Vlad?

Vladimir Tenev is a businessman and entrepreneur who is of Bulgarian and American descent. His role as a co-founder of Robinhood is mostly responsible for his widespread recognition. Scroll down to check Vlad Tenev Net Worth.

Tenev is one of the people that started Robinhood. Tenev amassed a fortune as a result of the business that he and Bhatt had established jointly. He is a very interesting figure who played a significant part in the lives of young people who aspire to found their own businesses. These types of people can learn a lot from him. Tenev is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business.

Vlad Tenev Early Life

The country of Bulgaria is where Vladimir Tenev was born. When Tenev was five years old, his parents made the journey to the United States from Bulgaria. Both of his parents had positions at the World Bank. In Virginia, where he was raised, Tenev received his secondary education at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

Tenev attended Stanford University, where he received his degree in mathematics and also became acquainted with Baiju Bhatt. At UCLA, he was pursuing a doctorate in mathematics, but he left his studies there to work for Baiju Bhatt.

Vlad Tenev Career

Together with Baiju Bhatt, he established a high-frequency trading company under the name Celeris. Vladimir Tenev and Bhatt left the company to start Chronos Research, a software company that offered its products to financial institutions and trading organisations.

The two individuals established the online trading platform Robinhood in 2013. In 2016, following the completion of a funding round, Robinhood’s valuation hit $6 billion. In 2013, he was selected for inclusion on Forbes’s list of 30 Under 30. At the 2019 Math Commencement Ceremony at UCLA, Vladimir Tenev was a featured speaker and delivered the keynote address. He has a daughter with his wife, Celina Tenev, and she is their only child.

Vlad Tenev Personal Life

Celina A. Tenev, who is also successful in her own right in the business world, is Vlad’s wife. Her role as a co-founder of Call9, an emergency medical service, is primarily responsible for her notoriety. It has been reported that the two have a daughter together.

Vlad Tenev Personal Life

Vlad Tenev GameStop Short Squeeze

The time during which Robinhood was involved in the short squeeze at GameStop was likely the most significant event that occurred to him. Tenev provided an argument in support of Robinhood’s decision to prevent customers from purchasing stock or options in a variety of different stocks, most notably GameStop.

In February 2021, Vladimir testified in front of the House Committee on Financial Services in the United States to discuss the role that his company played in the unexpected market incident. He explained that the necessity to satisfy the deposit requirements of the federal clearinghouse was the impetus behind the decision to halt the trading of securities.

As a result of his inability to react to a number of questions, members of the two major political parties in the United States criticised him harshly. During the squeeze, Tenev refuted a number of allegations that Robinhood was in cahoots with hedge funders.

Vlad Tenev Net Worth

Net Worth: $650 Million
Date of Birth: May 11, 2018 (4 years old)
Place of Birth: Varna, Bulgaria
Profession: Entrepreneur
Nationality: American, Bulgarian

He has a net worth of 650 billion dollars.

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