Michael Strahan Leaving Good Morning America

Why Is Michael Strahan Leaving Good Morning America?

Michael Strahan has a reputation for moving around a lot. In 2016, the former NFL star made headlines by quitting his popular job on Live. with Kelly and Michael to work full-time at Good Morning America.

He established himself on the well-liked morning show throughout the following years. He has, however, recently taken a few lengthily unscheduled vacations from the program. Michael was gone for more than a week in late November or early December 2022.

Strangely enough, he did show up to anchor NFL Sunday in his customary spot on the competing network Fox. He stopped appearing on GMA as of this writing on Monday, March 27 and had been silent on social media until recently.

What keeps Michael Strahan from appearing on Good Morning America? This is what we do know.

Why is Michael Strahan Not on ‘GMA’?

Michael Strahan Leaving Good Morning America
Michael Strahan Leaving Good Morning America

Michael’s other absences might have been accounted for by his other hosting responsibilities, but the former NFL star has been mum regarding his time away in late 2022 and right now.

Unfortunately, no explanation was provided as to why he missed more than a week of GMA in November and December 2022. But at the time, Michael did let us know that he was creating a brand-new podcast called American Football, which would be hosted by Kate Mara.

Michael recently promoted the show in an Instagram post on April 3 by asking a football-related trivia question, but that was it. Michael is keeping his current absence from his GMA hosting duties just as under wraps.

When he eventually returned to social media, it was to post a somewhat perplexing reel to Instagram in which he was going back in time. Michael is explaining items hanging on the walls as he walks about the SMAC Entertainment offices.


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His production firm, SMAC Entertainment, is definitely not the strange aspect of the video. The tour is overshadowed by a loud Adele song, making it difficult for spectators to understand what he is saying. One individual said:

“As the mothers of the church would say … We can’t hear you baby! Turn down that music so we can hear what you’re saying!!!!!”

Even if we didn’t receive any information regarding when he would be returning to GMA, it’s still comforting to know that he is doing okay. The moment Michael starts calling out Adele as though no one has ever heard of her is by far the finest portion of this rambling film. Since Adele is all we can hear. He states:

“Love you, Adele, Her show in Vegas is fantastic. Do yourselves a favor and check it out.”

Michael’s video then transitions to an Adele live performance. Without any other information, who can say if this is the aforementioned show in Vegas? In any case, we concur with Michael that Adele is fantastic.

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Did Michael Strahan Leave ‘GMA’?

He leaving GMA on a permanent basis doesn’t seem very realistic. Michael has a lot going on, including his production firm and his responsibilities as an NFL broadcaster, yet he seems to be a master at managing his time.

With his own skincare line, he is also highly busy outside of the entertainment sector. In a recent video that appeared to have been shot in his GMA dressing area, Michael revealed some major news regarding Michael Strahan’s Skin and Shave. The former NFL player said:

“I always bring my skin and shave routine to work … because my face is just as important as my fitness or my outfit,”

For someone with sensitive skin like his, Michael says this is the ideal skincare regimen. And you can now purchase it from Target’s website. Perhaps Michael needed some time to finalize this Target agreement, which is why GMA is temporarily taking a backseat. However, we expect him to show up soon.

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