Meet Tyler Hoover's Better Half

Meet Tyler Hoover’s Better Half: A Deep Dive into His Personal Life and Net Worth

Hoovies Garage, a prominent automotive channel on YouTube, is run by Tyler Hoover. Mainly, he has to rescue vehicles from a dilapidated junkyard. Curious about Tyler Hoover’s fortune and relationships? Please read on.

The YouTuber buys and sells old automobiles, but he doesn’t make much money at it. But his channel on YouTube is his main source of revenue.

Fans are curious as to whether or not the auto expert is taken. It has come to light that he is married to Quynh Anh Hoover. In this post, we learn about Tyler Hoover’s marriage and romantic life.

Tyler Hoover’s Wife’s Name is Quynh Anh Hoover

In 2019, Tyler weds Quynh Anh Hoover. She was born in Vietnam and came to the United States in 2008. The circumstances surrounding Tyler and Quynh’s initial encounter are quite intriguing.

Tyler struck up a discussion with her because she worked at an Asian buffet restaurant and he was curious about the cuisine. Who thought that casual discussion would lead to a permanent partnership?

Meet Tyler Hoover's Better Half
Meet Tyler Hoover’s Better Half

Liam is Tyler and Quynh’s first and only child

Over two years have passed since Liam’s March 2020 birth. He’s already starting to take after his dad at a young age. On April 27, 2021, Tyler posted a video to Instagram in which his son identifies several makes and models of automobiles by pointing. Liam had just turned 13 months old.

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Tyler Hoover’s Wiki Bio

Internet celebrity Tyler Hoover was born on January 28, 1987, in Wichita. In 2022, he will be 35 years old. Tyler has also kept quiet about the subject of his parents.

Tyler, a Wichita, Kansas native, attended Andover High School for his senior education. When everything was over, he headed to Wichita to start classes in 2005. Tyler completed his undergraduate degree in political science in 2010.

While attending Wichita State University, Tyler worked as a salesman for Joe Self BMW for around two years. Later, in January of 2010, he opened up shop as a used automobile dealer under the name Ad Astra Automotive.

The Wealth of Tyler Hoover

In September of the year 2022, Tyler has a net worth of about $2 million. He has spent over 15 years in the auto industry building up a substantial fortune.

He worked for a used-car business at first, then later opened his own. estimates that Tyler’s YouTube channel earns him a maximum of $236,000 a year. In addition, his TV series and books are successful moneymakers for him.

How did Tyler Hoover get his money?

According to carrestorationshows when the auto fanatic launched his YouTube channel Hoovies Garage in 2016, it nearly bankrupted him. In 2018, when the channel became his full-time occupation, he finally gained financial independence.

After repairing them, he sold over a hundred of them. Tyler Hoover now has over 1.47 million subscribers on YouTube and an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Before joining the team, Tyler sold both new and pre-owned vehicles at Joe Self Chevrolet, Cadillac, and BMW in Wichita, Kansas. After finishing college in 2010, he opened a used vehicle lot. Before moving to a larger location, he focused on selling Jeep Cherokee (XJ) SUVs, but now he sells a wider variety of vehicles.

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