Mario Dumaual Passed Away

Mario Dumaual Passed Away: What Happend to Him?

Mario Dumaual is a well-known showbiz journalist and reporter in the Philippines. He has worked in the entertainment world for almost two decades, covering countless events and stories. Mario has built a reputation as a recognized and trustworthy journalist committed to fair and factual reporting.

Mario began his career at ABS-CBN in the 1990s as a researcher before becoming a respected showbiz reporter. He has covered significant events in the Philippine entertainment sector, such as movie premieres, concerts, award presentations, and red-carpet events.

Throughout his career, Mario Dumaual has garnered numerous accolades and recognition for his work, including multiple awards for Best Showbiz Reporter from various award-giving agencies in the Philippines.

Aside from his career as a celebrity writer, Mario has been involved in various humanitarian activities and causes. He is well-known for his kindness and desire to assist those in need, particularly sick children and low-income families.

Mario Dumaual’s contributions to Philippine journalism and dedication to his art have earned him a place in the business. Despite his health issues, he inspires many young journalists and is a prominent voice in Philippine showbiz reporting.

How Did Mario Dumaual Pass Away?

Mario, who would have turned 65 on July 31, dἰed at 8:01 a.m. on Wednesday, July 5, due to septic shock. He faced a severe fungal infection for a month, complicating his recovery from a heart attack, during which he was hospitalized at the Philippine Heart Center.

Mario Dumaual Passed Away
Mario Dumaual Passed Away
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He was a tower for us, displaying strength as he overcame the heart attack and subsequent cardiac arrest. Throughout his suffering, he strongly desired to return home and be with his family. Unfortunately, his body was unable to overcome the virus.

We regard every area he sensed our adoration to be his home, finding solace in knowing that we were by his side, waiting and expressing our love. It comforts him that his professional friends and compassionate strangers prayed for him and supported him during his rehabilitation.

He was our guiding light, on whom we leaned strongly. But he also fostered us, promoting strength, capability, and our best selves. Aside from being a cherished family member, his legacy in entertainment journalism will continue. He made us proud as Mario Dumaual, the reporter, but even more so as a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather.

Mario Dumaual, a well-known showbiz figure, suffered a heart attack on June 5, 2023, necessitating intensive care in the hospital’s ICU. Unfortunately, the adventure ended on July 5, 2023, when TV Patrol Star Patroller Mario Dumaual died at 64. The death follows a month-long battle with a severe fungal infection that developed during his heart attack rehabilitation at the Philippine Heart Center.

In an official statement, his family expressed tremendous sadness at losing their beloved Papa, Wowo, and Yayo, leaving a big vacuum in the entertainment world, where he was regarded as a legend in his field.

His family revealed the devastating news on his official Facebook page.
The family’s statement is as follows:

“We are devastated to announce the passing of Mario Dumaual — Papa to his wife Cherie and children Luigi, Miguel, Maxine, William, and Thessa; Wowo to his grandchildren Sky, Alonzoe, and Tali; and Yayo to his siblings.

Mario, who would have turned 65 on July 31, died at 8:01 a.m. on Wednesday, July 5 due to septic shock. He had been battling a severe fungal infection, a complication during his recovery from a heart attack. He was confined for a month at the Philippine Heart Center.

Papa was strong, he kept fighting on, overcoming the heart attack then a cardiac arrest. He would always say he wanted to go home because he missed us, his family. But the infection overwhelmed his body’s ability to recover.

What comforts us is he knew that we were always with him, waiting for him, and that home was wherever he felt our love. We also made it a point to let him know how loved he was by his friends in the industry and even kind strangers who have been offering prayers and help for his recovery.

Papa was our rock, we depended much on him. But he also nurtured us to become strong and able and to be the best version of ourselves. Beyond us his family, we’d like to think he also left a legacy in entertainment journalism. He made us proud as Mario Dumaual, the reporter, but ultimately more so as a devoted husband, father, ang granddad.

Our family will share details of Papa’s wake in the coming days.”

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