Kerith Burke Pregnant

Is Kerith Burke Pregnant or Just a Fake News?

Kerith Burke is a sportswriter, journalist and NBC Sports San Francisco anchor. NBC Sports Bay Area courtside reporter Kerith Burke covers the Golden State Warriors. Burke started her career as a reporter, editor, anchor and photographer for various television stations in North Carolina, Washington and Idaho.

While serving as a reporter and anchor for SportsNet New York (SNY), Burke initially came to the public’s attention. Kerith spent her time there largely covering men’s and women’s basketball for the University of Connecticut and American football for the New York Jets, Tri-State College and several other professional clubs.

When the USA women’s basketball team won the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016, Kerith joined the NBC team as a freelancer and covered the event. She started working for NBC Sports Bay Area in 2017 as a side reporter for the Golden State Warriors basketball team.

Kerith Burke Pregnant
Kerith Burke Pregnant

Her followers frequently enquire about her pregnancy, thanks to her well-established work as a well-known sports presenter. It turns out that Burke is not currently pregnant. She is married to David Burke. However, they have no children together.

Due to the commentators sharing the same last name, many people also inquire whether she is related to Doris Burke. She is not linked to her namesake claims Kerith Burke. Fans frequently inquire about her relationship with Doris Burke, but she has repeatedly made it clear that they are not related in any manner.

When NBC questioned her about it in 2018, she confirmed it again and expressed her love for Burke.

“Doris Burke is not my mom, aunt, sister or cousin. We are not related. It makes me smile that this is the most frequent question I’ve gotten in my years covering basketball. I love Doris. She’s the GOAT and a Hall of Famer.”

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