Judy Nugent Cause of Death

Judy Nugent Cause of Death: Her Impact on Hollywood Golden Age

American actress Judy Ann Nugent. In Los Angeles, California, on August 22, 1940, Judy Ann Nugent was born. Carl Leon Nugent and Lucille Jane Redd were her parents. Carol Nugent, her elder sister, also went on to become an actor. In the 1947 film, It Had to Be You, Nugent made her screen debut at the age of six.

In the same film, her sister Carol played the same role at a different age. She landed a regular role in television’s first family sitcom, The Ruggles (1949–1952), after a few cameo appearances in films.

Her acting career then took off as she landed minor roles in many plays released by Universal-International in the mid-1950s, such as Magnificent Obsession (1954), There’s Always Tomorrow (1956) for Universal-International, and One of the Kettle Kids in Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm (1954).

Judy Ann Nugent made her public debut in Los Angeles, California, on August 22, 1940. She was the child of Lucille Jane Redd and Carl Leon Nugent. Her older sister, Carol Nugent, also entered the entertainment industry. See below for further information about Judy Nugent’s cause of death.

What Was Judy Nugent Cause of Death?

Judy Nugent, who played a girl who goes across the world in the arms of the Man of Steel in a touching Adventures of Superman episode and one of the twins on the classic TV sitcom The Ruggles, passed away. Her age was eighty-three.

The eldest daughter of Lassie and Lost in Space star June Lockhart, Anne Lockhart, the actress behind Battlestar Galactica and Chicago Fire, released a statement stating that Nugent passed away on Thursday “surrounded by family at her Montana ranch after a short battle with cancer.”

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The younger daughter of an MGM prop man, Nugent starred in two Douglas Sirk-directed movies: There’s Always Tomorrow (1956), where she played one of Fred MacMurray and Joan Bennett’s daughters, and Magnificent Obsession (1954), in which she played a tomboy who attempted to cheer up a depressed widow played by Jane Wyman.

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Nugent played Annette Funicello’s buddy Jet Maypen in the 1958 serial Annette, which aired during the third season of ABC’s The Mickey Mouse Club.

One of the first live TV series to come from Hollywood instead of New York was The Ruggles, which starred Nugent at the age of nine and included Jimmy Hawkins from It’s a Wonderful Life as Donna’s brother Donald. ABC broadcast the program from 1949 till 1952.

Judy Nugent Cause of Death

Surrounded by family on her Montana ranch, Judy Nugent, a child star of the 1950s who starred with Jane Wyman in Magnificent Obsession and Annette Funicello in the hit Annette serial on ABC’s The Mickey Mouse Club, passed away on October 26 from cancer. Her age was eighty-three.

The family released a statement after Anne Lockhart, daughter of June Lockhart and star of Chicago Fire, passed away.

Judy Nugent Husband

Actor Buck Taylor and Nugent were married on March 18, 1961, however, it is said that Nugent filed for annulment less than a month later. On June 14, 1963, they got married again, and they remained together until their divorce in 1983. Adam, Matthew, and Cooper were the couple’s three children born to Tiffany.

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