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Does John Glenn Wife Stutter? The Right Stuff Fact-check

Yes, in the real world. In the new Disney+ limited series “The Right Stuff,” played by Nora Zehetner, Annie Glenn stutters when speaking. The wife of John Glenn, the first American in space, turned what may have been a barrier into a lifetime of good advocacy work for those with disabilities and communication difficulties.

Homer Castor, Annie Glenn’s father, likewise stutters, proving that her stutter is inherited. Annie would live with the communication impairment her entire life. Still, at 53, a three-week therapy program at the Hollins Communications Research Institute in Roanoke, Virginia, allowed her to improve her speech significantly.

Later, the Ohio State University’s Department of speech pathology hired Annie Glenn as an adjunct professor. Ohio State now bestows the “Annie Glenn Leadership Award” annually to someone who has displayed “innovative and inspirational work in speech/language pathology.”

The American Speech and Hearing Association’s inaugural national award was given to Annie Glenn in 1983. The organization started giving out an award named Annie Glenn in 1987. James Earl Jones received the award for the first time in recognition of his accomplishments despite having a severe stutter.

The National Stuttering Association Hall of Fame honored Annie Glenn in 2004. It is not the place of this writer to comment on how successfully Zehetner portrayed Annie Glenn’s speech impediment, but the show does an excellent job of handling it by not handling it at all.

John Glenn Wife
John Glenn Wife

In the first few episodes we witnessed early, Zehetner’s staged stammer may not even be apparent initially and is not mentioned, which is precisely how those circumstances would unfold. Mary Jo Deschanel portrayed Annie Glenn in the 1983 film “The Right Stuff.”

The movie featured Annie Glenn’s stammer significantly. The 1979 novel “The Right Stuff” by Tom Wolfe is the basis for both “The Right Stuff” productions. The Mercury 7 were America’s first astronauts, and their tale is told in “The Right Stuff.”

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As the test pilots introduced to the nation in 1959, Patrick J. Adams, Jake McDorman, Colin O’Donoghue, James Lafferty, Aaron Staton, Michael Trotter, and Micah Stock play them. Showrunner Mark Lafferty, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson, and Danny Strong are a few of the executive producers.

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The Nat Geo series “The Right Stuff” was created for Disney+. In May, Annie Glenn pssed away as a result of COVID-19 complications. She was 100 years old.

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