Janis Joplin Death

A Friend Says Janis Joplin Death Didn’t Come From Overdose

Janis Joplin was one of the most well-known figures of the 1960s, thanks to her incredible, bluesy singing voice. Her determination, enthusiasm, and enthusiasm for living became legendary. Her life was cut short by the excesses that accompanied her many achievements. Then how did Janis Joplin pass away? Learn the answers down below.

Janis Joplin Death

Think back to October 4, 1970; that’s over 50 years ago. Janis Joplin was found unconscious, apparently overdosing on Cocaine, a drug she’d abused for quite some time.

A close friend of the late singer Janis Joplin has stated that she does not believe the singer died from an overdose and has proposed an alternate possibility.

Joplin’s body was discovered on the floor of her Hollywood hotel room in October 1970, and her death was deemed an accident. Several other customers of the same drug dealer also overdosed in the same week, lending credence to the theory that she died from a particularly potent batch of heroin.

Peggy Caserta, a close friend of Joplin’s, casts doubt on this account in her new book, claiming that the singer appeared to have visited a cigarette vending machine in the lobby after she had injected heroin.

Writing in her recently published memoir I Ran Into Some Trouble (via Rolling Stone), Caserta said, “I saw her foot sticking out at the end of the bed. She was lying with cigarettes in one hand and change in the other. For years it bothered me. How could she have overdosed and then walked out to the lobby and walked back? I’ve overdosed, and you crumble on the floor like how they found Philip Seymour Hoffman. I let it go for years, but I always thought, ‘Something is wrong here.’”

She said she was even more convinced she had used heroin from the same batch. Her version of events was that Joplin had tripped on the room’s deep shag carpet while wearing sandals with a “tiny hourglass heel,” fallen, fractured her nose, and suffocated.

The tweet below shows Joplin’s album ‘Pearl’ released three months after her death:

Caserta’s book is intended, in part, to address inaccuracies in 1973 book Going Down With Janis, which contains details of the pair’s intimate relationship. “I didn’t write that smut about Janis,” she said. “I would never talk like that about our close association. But I lost control because I was strung out and making awful decisions.”

Does it matter at this late date?” she pondered about her view of death. There are probably some ways in which it doesn’t. But the truth is what counts, and the fact is that she did not overdose. That is something I’ll be confident in till the day I die. Believe me, and I’ve been there a few times.

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Peggy Believes That A Fall Injury brought Janis’s Death On

Peggy Believes That A Fall Injury brought Janis's Death On

Peggy found no police barricades when she went to Janis’ hotel room. Caserta avoided Peggy’s chamber because she feared seeing her dead body. Janis’ foot was “sticking out at the end of a bed,” but she peeked in anyhow.

“She was lying on the floor, elongated, and that’s not what happens when you shoot an overdose,” Caserta told Vulture. “You don’t stand up and then lie down straight to die.”

“How could she have overdosed and then walked out to the lobby and walked back?” Caserta wrote in her memoir

According to Peggy, Janis fell onto her face after her heel got trapped in the shag loops of the motel carpet. Her nose was broken, and the bleeding went straight to her esophagus.

“I’m sure the fact that she had heroin and other things in her system didn’t help her any,” Peggy said. “Maybe if she hadn’t been loaded and on something, she might have been able to struggle up. But she tripped and fell, honey. I’m positive of it.”

Peggy has stated that she is more at ease with the theory that Janis tripped to death than the alternative theory that she overdosed. As Caserta explained to Vulture, her experience has taught her what an overdose death should look like, and based on her observations, Janis did not die from an overdose. After that, she said:

“I shot dope with her so many times, both of us shot right to death’s door. She would not have been in that position on the floor. She definitely did not shoot an overdose. She got up and walked to the lobby and got change. It just does not compute. It doesn’t.”

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