Jake Gyllenhaal Dating

Who Is Jake Gyllenhaal Dating? Both Of Them Like To Keep To Themselves

On December 19, 1980, Jake Gyllenhaal entered the world. He was born to novelist Naomi Foner and filmmaker Stephen Gyllenhaal. Gyllenhaal’s performance of Jack Twist in “Brokeback Mountain,” an epic love tale, made him a household name.

He was considered for “Best Supporting Actor” at the Oscars Awards. In “Donnie Dorkie,” he portrayed a troubled teen with mental health issues. Gyllenhaal’s passion for the stage and the silver screen is palpable, and he should be commended for it. Now take a look below at his partner.

Jake Gyllenhaal Dating

Since late 2018, Jake Gyllenhaal has been dating actress Jeanne Cadieu. Over their years together, the couple has kept their relationship largely under wraps. However, on May 6, 2021, they were spotted in New York City on a rare public outing, holding hands.

When the premiere of The Lost Daughter took place at the New York Film Festival in September 2021, the two finally made their red carpet debut. Along with Maggie Gyllenhaal and her husband, Peter Sarsgaard, they posed for the photo.

The tweet below shows Jake Gyllenhall Gf:

Gyllenhaal has been romantically linked to a wide range of high-profile celebrities, including Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, and many more in the past.

In an interview for Vogue U.K. published in May 2020, the actor, who turned 40 in December of 2018, discussed some of his life thoughts. He’s found that as he’s gotten older, he’s less interested in getting wrapped up in his work and Hollywood and more interested in just living his life.

“My personal life is more intriguing to me than my professional endeavors. At this stage of my professional development, I’m hungry in a new way. The more dedicated I became to that work and that notion, the more I realized how much of my life I had ignored.

Furthermore, he shared with Vogue U.K. his desire to become a father.

“Yes, of course I do,” he said. “I definitely do. I think that’s probably the reason I see the end of the show the way that I see it. I know that’s why I see the end of the show the way that I see it.” He continued: “I’m not someone who has ever existed in a space where I’ve really known what’s coming next.” Around there in the interview, he trailed off, saying, “But you do have to be open to it. And there has been no other time in my life that I can safely say…”

Jeanne Cadieu Encourages Jake’s Success

Jeanne Cadieu Encourages Jakes Success

Cadieu and Jake attended the 2021 Tony Awards two days before their red-carpet debut on September 29, 2021. However, the pair did not appear on the red carpet together until that evening. The model showed up in a long red gown to show her support for her boyfriend, who was nominated for best performance by an actor in a leading role in a play for his portrayal in Sea Wall/A Life.

Cadieu accompanied Jake to the Paris premiere of Ambulance in March 2022. They walked the red carpet together again in May of the same year for a screening of The Innocent to commemorate the film’s 75th anniversary at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

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Both Of Them Like To Keep To Themselves

The Guilty actor told The Guardian in 2017 that he “would love to not talk about my personal life,” indicating that he preferred to keep his romantic relationships out of the spotlight.

Jake mentioned his girlfriend’s lack of enthusiasm for ” all the other stuff” along with celebrity during an October 2021 visit on The Howard Stern Show. That’s why I admire her,” he gushed about Cadieu. And certainly not the primary one, but one of them.

The actor further disclosed that his sister Maggie was instrumental in arranging for the couple to make their red carpet debut at the Lost Daughter event.

“My sister grabbed her, pulled her on that red carpet, which I think neither of us are really inclined to, you know, go on – even me,” he told Stern. “And to be there to support my sister was what we’re there to do and I was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is family.’ “

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