Is Val Kilmer Still Alive

Is Val Kilmer Still Alive? What Exactly Is The State Of Val Kilmer’s Health?

The comic actor Val Kilmer is very much alive, despite persistent reports to the contrary. American actor and entertainer Val Edward Kilmer rose to fame for his parts in Top Gun and Willow. But, health issues have kept him away from the film industry for some time.

In 2005, after Val was brought to the hospital for a possible growth in his throat, a biopsy revealed malignancy. He has recovered and is doing fine at the moment. Hence, the social media posts proclaiming his death are completely untrue! What’s more, the 63-year-old American actor has resumed acting. Here you see is Val Kilmer still alive or not; now take a look below.

Is Val Kilmer Still Alive?

As opposed to what you may have heard, American actor Val Kilmer is alive and well—as per our source, a page admin probably released a rumors to attract new users.

The actor’s representatives responded promptly, assuring fans that Val Kilmer is alive. He is only the latest actor to fall for this rumor. That he is “still alive and healthy” and that people should “stop trusting what they see on the internet” was the message of the Statement. There we have not found any real source that he is dead.

Since then, Val Kilmer has come back to work on the problems brought by his health. He has resumed acting and will soon be seen in Top Gun 2 as Maverick. With the AI technology on his throat, he is expected to have a voice suitable for almost any part.

What Exactly Is The State Of Val Kilmer’s Health?

Val Kilmer may have been hospitalised for a tumour in 2005. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the great actor verified the rumour. A subsequent article also stated that he has been fighting throat cancer for nearly two years. It is said that the therapy given to him for his throat problems caused his voice pitch to decrease and made it hard for him to breathe.

A new lease on life and a clean bill of health were awarded to Kilmer six years after his first diagnosis of throat cancer, thanks to the radiation and chemotherapy he endured. A tracheostomy procedure almost wholly silenced him for good.

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Now, Val Kilmer Has Cancer-Free

Val Kilmer Has Cancer-Free


Although having throat cancer, Val enjoys life to the fullest. In his new Amazon documentary, Val, the Saturn Award candidate, discussed his struggles with his health. In addition, the actor graced the cover of PEOPLE. These issues showed fans a side of him they hadn’t seen before, and impressed them as he tried to make a sensational comeback to the big screen.

AI Restored Val Kilmer’s Voice

In 2015, after a cancer diagnosis, Val Kilmer endured aggressive treatments that caused him to lose his voice. The therapy successfully eliminated the throat cancer, leaving his voice significantly deeper and barer than before. Of course, Val had a hard time adjusting to life without his voice because he is a professional comedian.

Artificial intelligence has allowed Val Kilmer to regain his voice. To speak, he inserts a wire into his trachea and activates an electric voice box. The actor had two tracheotomies and new rounds of chemotherapy to make this happen.

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