Is JoJo Pregnant

Is JoJo Pregnant Or Not? What Did JoJo Siwa Have To Say About Pregnancy Rumours?

Known for her comedic skits, vlogs, Q&As, challenges, and other entertaining videos, dancer, singer, and actress JoJo Siwa has amassed over 12 million followers and over 3.9 billion views on her YouTube channel Its JoJo Siwa.

Her first single, 2016’s “Boomerang,” was her introduction to the music world. She has been under contract with Nickelodeon since 2017. Time magazine named her one of the world’s 100 most influential people in 2020.

All the details, whether or not Jojo Siwa is actually pregnant, are provided below.

Is Jojo Pregnant?

Jojo Siwa’s pregnancy has been the subject of speculation. The reality personality used the video-sharing platform TikTok to set the record straight. “I got out of gymnastics and found out the news this is a good one” she captioned the video. Jojo was filmed while seated in the car; she laughed off the pregnancy rumors and addressed them head-on.

Jojo’s Instagram post of a positive pregnancy test started the story, which was taken seriously by many TikTok users. As part of the “#KRISSED” phenomenon, people invented stories about celebrities and closed them with “You’ve been #KRISSED,” the rumor was initially associated with this fad. One of Siwa’s fans even made a video promoting the pregnancy rumor to respond to the claims, yet the rumors persisted.

A tweet by @techmika wrote, “is jojo siwa pregnant?? i’m like doubting it but i don’t know!??”:

After making two performances on Dance Moms, 19-year-old Jojo, a dancer from Nebraska, became a household name in the United States. She has almost 45 million TikTok followers right now, which is just growing. There was talk about it in June 2022, but Jojo said nothing. Even so, when it resurfaced, she made a TikTok video to deal with it.

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What Did JoJo Siwa Have To Say About Pregnancy Rumours?

The comment section of her TikTok video quickly filled up with congratulatory and humorous responses. One user commented, “wellll congratulations!! I swear u find out something new about yourself Everytime u open this app!!” Another user commented, “finding out you’re pregnant through tiktok is the only right way”.

As she is a famous dancer, she decided to address the rumour on TikTok and put out a video disproving the pregnancy rumours once and for all. Her video’s 5.5 million likes indicate that more than 20 million people have viewed it.

Is JoJo Siwa Dating Anyone?

Is JoJo Siwa Dating Anyone

Kylie Prew is the name of the woman whom JoJo Siwa is currently seeing in a romantic capacity. Early in 2021, the couple began a romantic relationship, and ever since then, they have been completely open about it on social media Source.

JoJo has posted a number of photographs and videos featuring Kylie to her Instagram and TikTok accounts, and the two of them have even worked together on a music video.

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