Is Jaden Smith Gay

Is Jaden Smith Gay? Jaden Smith Devastatingly Tears Fans Away With “Still in Love” 

Jaden Smith is used to the spotlight as the son of Will and Jada Smith, two of Hollywood’s most famous and influential actors. Since he was eight years old, the 24-year-old actor and musician has been performing.

He made his acting debut in the 2006 film “The Pursuit of Happiness,” co-starring with his father. He went on to star in films including “The Karate Kid,” “After Earth,” and “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” He has also co-produced three studio albums with Justin Bieber, one of their hits being “Never Say Never.”

Jaden has been linked to several high-profile celebrities, prompting speculation about his sexual orientation.

Is Jaden Smith Gay?

Some have speculated that Jaden is gay due to the allegations and speculation surrounding his sexuality. There is no evidence to substantiate these assertions, and Jaden has never addressed the issue of his sexuality in public.

Everyone has the right to privacy, and it’s never okay to assume anything about someone’s sexual orientation based on hearsay or conjecture.

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Jaden Smith Devastatingly Tears Fans Away With “Still in Love”

Jaden Smith uploaded a new music video to his social media accounts on Tuesday, featuring the song “Still In Love” off his upcoming album CTV3: Day Tripper’s Edition (2021).

The 24-year-old broke the news in an Instagram video that showed a distraught Jaden while his song “Cabin Fever from the Hill” played in the background.

“I Love My Fans I Love Our Journeys This Family is Our Fortress,” he wrote in the caption. “I Should write something about emotions and how they’re okay or whatever but honestly I just found this video in my phone. Still In Love Video In My Bio.”

Many of Jaden’s fans backed him up for displaying genuine emotion in the video, with one person commenting, “These comments show exactly why he needed to do this… men need to be allowed to show emotions and not be judged… thats an unfair level of pressure and stress we carry everyday, because not only do you have to suffer every wound, but you can’t even show it hurt.”

Jaden’s follow-up to CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3 was 2021’s Day Tripper’s Edition. At the time of Cool tape Vol. 3’s release, Jaden spoke with Zane Lowe and explained that the project doubles as a prologue to 2017’s SYRE and 2019’s ERYS.

“So it’s kind of taking place when I’m like 15, going all the way up until 17,” he said. “How did Syre get trapped in the sunset? How did all that happen? Why did it happen? Where’s your friends? Where’s everybody else? Tell us the story before you get trapped in this Inception purgatory. It’s like the tape is what makes it clear to my fans that this is coming directly after Cool Tape Volume 2, opposed to coming after ERYS or after SYRE.”

Check out the “Still In Love” music video down below!


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