Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant

Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant: When Did Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Get Married?

There have been reports that Gwen Stefani is pregnant with her first child with husband Blake Shelton ever since viewers of The Voice thought they detected a baby bump on her in the most recent episode.

This would be the fourth child for the 53-year-old “Just a Girl” singer and the first for her and the 46-year-old “God’s Country” singer if she is actually pregnant. Gwen and her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale are the proud parents of their three sons, Kingston, 16, Zuma, 14, and Apollo, 8.

Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant?

Despite widespread speculations that the ex-No Doubt singer is expecting a child, Gwen and Blake have remained silent. The couple, who have been married since July 2021, apparently considered giving up but ultimately chose to try in vitro fertilization (IVF) again.

That Gwen “decided to give IVF another go a few months ago” because she wanted to “give Blake his own kid” is the word of an anonymous source. She would “get her expectations up after each round, only to be heartbroken when it didn’t happen,” the insider said. She put a lot of pressure on herself while trying to have a child with Blake, and it was tough for him to deal with as a result.

When Did Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Get Married?

On July 3, 2021, Stefani and Shelton said “I do.”

On July 3, 2021, “Stefani” tied the knot at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch in a chapel that he supposedly had constructed there. Forty people attended the ceremony, which was performed by Carson Daly.

Pictures from the ceremony show wedding guests, including Stefani’s parents, milling about the property and the chapel, both of which were lavishly adorned with floral arrangements. A few days ago, TMZ reported that the couple had gotten a marriage license in Shelton’s native state of Tennessee.

When Did Blake Fall In Love With Gwen?

When Did Blake Fall In Love With Gwen

Source: CNN

Divorces brought Shelton and Stefani together initially.

In an interview with Billboard in July 2016, Shelton discussed his breakup with Lambert and his relationship with Stefani in general terms. If you pay great attention to the words, he told the magazine, “You can find out specifics about my separation.

There may be some gaps in the details, but you should be able to piece together the big picture. It’s the record of the end of my marriage, but it’s also the record of my joy and discovery of love.”

He went on to say that he and Stefani hadn’t been very close during her time on The Voice, but that their lives would never be the same after she learned of his divorce.

“I won’t forget that day,” he said. “I looked over at Gwen—who I didn’t really know—and she had these huge tears in her eyes. I thought, ‘Wow, she feels super bad for me!'” If you want to know Is Vanessa Bryant Pregnant click here Is Vanessa Bryant Pregnant

“I thought it was going to be another one of those things-are-going-to-be-OK talks,” he continued. “She didn’t tell me much, because we didn’t know each other at the time, but she said, ‘I’m going through something very similar to what you’re going through. I understand. And I hate it.'” Shelton said their mutual shoulders to cry on led to their friendship, then quickly to a crush, then romance.

“Next thing I know, I wake up and she’s all I care about, and I’m ­wondering if she feels the same about me,” he said. “Gwen saved my life. Who else on Earth could understand going through a high-profile divorce from another musician? You can’t even imagine the similarities in our divorces.” Let’s take a look at Gwen Stefani’s life, in the further paragraph.

A Look At Gwen Stefani’s Life

Gwen Renée Stefani is one of the most famous names in music, movies, and fashion because of her bold, determined, and ultimately fruitful forays into each of those fields. She has a worldwide fan base in the millions.

In the Gregorian calendar, Stefani’s birthday is October 3. She was born in Fullerton but spent much of her childhood in Anaheim. In 1986, while her brother Eric was creating a ska band, he asked Stefani to sing lead vocals for the group.

It’s safe to say that Stefani’s status as a global celebrity has been cemented ever since the 2004 publication of her debut solo album. Stefani, who has an excellent sense of style, debuted her clothing label LAMB in 2003. As a result of the collection’s success, it was showcased during New York Fashion Week.

At the first-ever People Magazine Awards in 2014, she won the “Style Icon Award.” When she realized she needed glasses, she moved out into the eyewear industry, working with Urban Decay on a small line of cosmetic eyewear in 2016. In 2004, Stefani made her acting debut in “The Aviator,” a film directed by Martin Scorsese.

Stefani has three boys with her ex-husband, singer Gavin Rossdale, with whom she was married from 2002 to 2016. After divorcing in 2014, Stefani wed country singer Blake Shelton in 2021. As a charitable person, Stefani takes great pride in her work.

In 2011, she gave $1,000,000 to Save the Children’s Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund, and in 2012, she staged a fundraiser alongside First Lady Michelle Obama to benefit 22 other organizations. Among these are organizations that fund studies on the causes and treatments of cancer, A.L.S., and AIDS.

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