Is David Muir Gay

Is David Muir Gay: Can We Assume That Kelly Ripa And David Muir Are Dating?

David Muir is a well-known journalist in the United States. David Muir now hosts ABC’s World News Tonight. The news anchor’s sexuality has attracted more intrigue and interest than almost any other aspect of his life, despite his prominence and talent. Does anyone know if David Muir is a lesbian or gay?

Is David Muir Gay?

David Muir, named one of People magazine’s Hottest Men Alive in 2014, has been the subject of LGBT rumours. Just looking at his social media posts will give you an idea of how seriously he has taken journalism for a long time.

David Muir’s spouse is conspicuously absent from all of his photographs. No images of Muir with his wife have been located. Many people also assume that this journalist, who is 47 years old, does not have any children.

Thus, many people speculated that Muir is gay but is too timid to come out. The fact that Muir never denied being gay or denying having a wife or girlfriend only added fuel to the fire.

When David Muir was pictured with ABC reporter Gio Benitez, speculation that he was gay reached a fever pitch. A snapshot of David and Gio Benitez from 2015 at a gay bar quickly went viral. Unfortunately, there is no proof that they are a couple; thus, the rumours were unfounded. Nonetheless, Benitez was openly gay. Benitez’s wedding to his gay fiancé Tommy DiDario on April 16, 2016 ended the speculations.

Muir also has a disproportionate number of male online friends and a noticeably smaller number of female online pals. It’s possible that this factored into the escalation of rumours.

I’m sure Muir has heard the stories about his sexuality, but he’s always remained unconvinced.

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Can We Assume That Kelly Ripa And David Muir Are Dating?

Kelly Ripa And David Muir Are Dating

In 2003, David became involved with ABC News, and the network’s ratings immediately increased due to his beautiful looks and pleasant attitude. Several viewers wonder about American actress Kelly Ripa and David Muir’s relationship. While they are both members of the ABC family, they have a far closer connection than the public is privy to.

It may seem like they’re dating at first glance, but they’re just two people with a beautiful, unshakable friendship. If you’re a fan of Muir’s Instagram, you’ve probably seen that he has a soft spot for Kelly and her husband. Kelly’s co-star and American actor Mark Consuelos, whom she wed in 1996, is also the father of her three children.

Who Is David Muir Dating Now?

Recently, he’s been connected to a Sean, who’s a complete unknown. It has been speculated that the unnamed individual is the creator and CEO of the swimsuit company aussieBum. There is, however, no evidence of this supposed connection or marriage, as there is with all of his other alleged partnerships.

His close friend Kelly Ripa is an American actress and media figure. David frequently uploads photos of the two, and his remarks emphasise how much they cherish and care for one another.

It was assumed that they had more than platonic feelings for one another for a while. Kelly, however, has been married to actor Mark Consuelos since 1996. Kelly and David Muir are not a couple; they are close friends who frequently spend time with each other’s families.

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