Is Bella Ramsey Gay

Is Bella Ramsey Gay? Bella Ramsey Discusses Her Mental Health

Known for her portrayal of Lyanna Mormont, a young noblewoman on Game of Thrones on HBO, Bella Ramsey is a well-known British actress (2016-2019).

Among the various projects she’s been a part of since then, her performance as Ellie in the 2023 HBO drama series The Last of Us has gotten the most attention from fans and admirers.

Fans are more interested in Ramsey’s personal life than ever after she received great accolades for her portrayal of Ellie. The young celebrity has been quite open about her sexuality and mental health, so fans are naturally curious.

Is Bella Ramsey Gay?

There has been ongoing speculation about Ramsey’s sexuality. She has been speculated upon by many to be either lesbian or non-binary.

The star of Catherine Called Birdy addressed the concerns in an interview with The New York Times before the release of The Last of Us. She denied being gay and said she views herself as gender non-binary.

When given a choice, Ramsey claimed that she selects “nonbinary” on paperwork. She explained, “I guess my gender has always been very fluid.”

She then talked about pronouns and revealed that she did not like being gendered. “I’m very much just a person. Being gender isn’t something that I particularly like, but in terms of pronouns, I really couldn’t care less,” she noted.

She also remarked that she found it exciting if someone denoted her with the pronouns he/him. “Someone would call me ‘she’ or ‘her,’ and I wouldn’t think about it, but I knew that if someone called me ‘he,’ it was a bit exciting,” she said.

Ramsey stated in an interview with Elle that she has trouble pigeonholing herself. ‘I give myself labels,’ she said. But I’m not ready to share them publicly since I’m still getting used to—or finding out.

Bella Ramsey Discusses Her Mental Health

Bella Ramsey Discusses Her Mental Health

For as long as anyone can remember, Ramsey has never been silent about her struggles with mental illness. She recently opened out in an interview with Elle about her decision to leave The Worst Witch after season three and how learning that she is neurodivergent influenced her decision.

According to Forbes Health, “Neurodivergent is a non-medical umbrella term that describes people with variation in their mental functions, and can include conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other neurological or developmental conditions such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).”

Ramsey admitted that the possibility that she is neurodivergent had plagued her for a long time. “It was awesome to see, to have, and to really understand my own brain by being able to understand other people’s,” she said.

In addition, Ramsey disclosed that she had always been an anxious child, but that her symptoms did not appear until she “began working in high-pressure conditions.” It’s common knowledge that she had to leave The Worst Witch for issues related to her mental health.

She clarified, “I would say the more accurate description is that I had resolved a lot of my mental health problems by that point. And then the idea was that, ‘I’m not going to do this fourth season because it’s not worth it, because I’m in a better place now.’”

When it came time to talk about her struggles with anorexia nervosa and her mental health on Twitter for World Mental Health Day 2018, Ramsey did not hold back. She said she was diagnosed little over a year ago, but that the illness had been plaguing her for closer to that long.

Timeline analysis suggests she first experienced eating problem symptoms in the second half of 2016. When anorexia “took a grip” on Ramsey, she would have been about 12 years old (Ramsey was born in September 2003).

She said that doctors were unable to determine what caused her eating disorder, but that her Christian faith helped her overcome it.

Despite how bleak things may look now, there is always a way out. It is a miracle that I made it to the other side, where the light seemed to vanish for a while. “But it was ever present,” she wrote.

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