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Is August Alsina Gay? In “The Surreal Life,” August Alsina Appears To Present His Boyfriend

It may be the year 2022, but it doesn’t stop fans from making assumptions about the romantic and sexual lives of their favorite stars. The latest addition to this list is August Alsina, who seems to introduce the world to a new boyfriend in a new credits clip on VH1’s The Surreal Life, playing directly into the hands of his followers.

When news of August’s affair with Jada Pinkett Smith broke, he immediately became a public figure.

Jada described what transpired when she and Will Smith were part of an “entanglement.” August’s sexuality has become a point of debate amongst his admirers. Does anyone know if he’s gay, straight, or bisexual? Although it is none of our concern, we will investigate August’s possible boyfriend’s identity.

In “The Surreal Life,” August Alsina Appears To Present His Boyfriend

August Alsina Appears To Present His Boyfriend

At the closing credits of the episode of The Surreal Life that aired on November 21st, August made a public statement. “Love manifested itself, but in a different form,” August said. “I want to tell you that because I want to thank the person who loves me and who has taught me so much about love and about how to recover.

The idea that love should be a certain way or have a specific appearance makes me want to do that in public.

Then, August has a man join him on TV. August adds, “I love you,” as the stranger sits, and the two men embrace. August could be teasing the fans to get a rise out of us, but the way he’s been talking about love breaking societal rules, it seems like he’s presenting a boyfriend.

In reality, we could determine through Instagram detective work that the man August brings to the screen is Zu, with whom August has been working on his most recent singles. Two of their singles, “2 am” and “Yes Yeah,” were released under the ZA Pack moniker. August has been sharing photos and videos of himself and Zu for quite some time, leading many to speculate about the nature of their relationship.

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So, Is August Alsina Gay? The VH1 Tape Has Fans Guessing

We try to avoid speculating on celebrities’ sexual orientations because it’s their choice, but August’s wording in the VH1 footage suggests he may be hoping for just that. For reasons unknown, he never disclosed that Zu is his “lover” or that he was “coming out.” Usually, when we hear the word “love,” we think of romantic love, but August may have been trying to confuse us by referring to his brother’s affection.

In reality, August calls Zu a “brother” on his Instagram. However, this might still be interpreted as a love relationship between the two. August thanked his followers on Instagram on July 31 with the remark, “Thank you for expressing genuine love and lacing me and bro @iamlazu_ w/ so much drip.” The most incriminating message comes when August posts a video to Facebook wishing his mother a happy birthday. Furthermore, in the video, Zu calls her “mom” and tells her he loves her.

Fans are confused about whether August was coming out as gay or simply trying to stir some attention by revealing his actual sibling to the public. We shouldn’t assume anything about August’s sexual orientation; instead, we should wait for him to bring it up when he’s ready. Fans of his would support him regardless of his sexual orientation.

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