How Tall is Rey Mysterio?

How Tall is Rey Mysterio? Is He Really As Tall As You Think?

Oscar Gutierrez, known as Rey Mysterio, is undoubtedly one of the greatest professional wrestlers ever. His physical ability and ring skills are excellent. Even non-professional wrestlers would enjoy seeing someone like Oscar.

Rey Mysterio is a small man in an athletics world dominated by huge men, even though Rey Mysterio has transformed his weakness into his strength. Rey’s diminutive stature is his most potent weapon in the gigantic men’s business. But what is Rey Mysterio’s accurate height? Let’s find out immediately whether Oscar’s size aids or hinders his success in the WWE.

How Tall is Rey Mysterio?

WWE had specified Rey Mysterio’s “charged” height as 5 feet 6 inches (approx. 167.6 cm) throughout his long and renowned professional life, even though Rey Mysterio has declared himself to be 5 feet 4 inches (about 162.4 cm). You may wonder what this “charged” size is, given that tallness does not come readily (unless you have fantastic sneakers or shoes).

Billed height in professional wrestling refers to how tall a wrestler is supposed to be, regardless of his natural height. Some may claim that constructed size includes height with footwear. However, we do not feel this is the case here. Consider the following example.

How Tall is Rey Mysterio
How Tall is Rey Mysterio

WWE used to raise their professional wrestlers by a few inches. It is considerably less common nowadays, but Rey Mysterio stems from a time when pro wrestlers like Kurt Angle, who was approximately 5 feet 10 inches (approx. 178 cm) in the actual world, were referred to as 6 feet 2 inches (approx. 188 cm). Kurt, in actuality, used to wear such huge shoes that there was no way he would wear 4 inches of heeled shoes here.

Kurt’s example is correct after closely examining Rey Mysterio and comparing his true stature to that of a slew of few and substantial pro wrestlers. Mysterio is about 4 inches (about 10 cm) shorter than his reported height. Rey Mysterio does not appear to be 5 feet 6 inches (about 167.6 cm) tall or even 5 feet 4 inches (approximately 162.5 cm). Furthermore, Rey may appear to be shorter than nearly all WWE divas, whose average height is estimated to be around 5 feet 1/2 inch.

Despite his tiny appearance, Mysterio is not a small man at all. As a professional wrestler, Rey used to weigh around 145 lb (approx. 65 kg), but he has now boosted his body mass to 175 lb (almost 80 kg) – almost entirely from hard-earned muscles. It’s hard to believe such a small man could weigh so much.

Another intriguing fact about Rey Mysterio is that his kid, Dominic, stands up to 6 feet (about. 183 cm) – it’s astounding how genetic variables can function more often than not. As a result, Rey Mysterio’s actual height is only 5 feet 6 inches (about 168 cm).

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Short Details

Full name/birth name Óscar Gutiérrez
Nickname Mr 619;Super Nino;Rey Mysterio; and El Nino
Date of Birth 47 years old
Birthplace Chula Vista, California, the United States of America
Ethnicity Mexican
Nationality American
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Profession Actor and Professional Wrestler
Education Montgomery High School
Father’s Name Roberto Gutiérrez
Mother’s Name Marie Gutiérrez
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Angie Gutierrez
Kids  Dominic Gutierrez (son); andAaliyah Gutierrez (daughter)
Height 5 feet 6 inches (approx. 168 cm)
Weight 175 lb (approx. 79 kg)
Tattoos Yes
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Net Worth $10 million

Rey Mysterio’s Net Worth

As a professional wrestler, the high-ranking luchador has amassed a significant income. Rey Mysterio’s net worth is around $10 million. His home in Chula Vista, California, is valued at a million dollars.

Rey Myesterio’s home, built in 2004, has a large covered area of approximately 4,000 square feet. It features five spacious bedrooms and a variety of materials. Furthermore, Rey Mysterio has a sizable collection of swords and other razors, which is unusual for a townhouse of his stature.

Rey’s principal source of revenue is wrestling, with its sponsorship deals and fans. Rey, in particular, received a considerable sum after joining WWE and participating in several WWE pay-per-view activities. Rey Mysterio’s WWE salary during his peak years was $174,000 annually. Despite not being one of the company’s A-list big names, Rey Mysterio has always been the main draw for WWE advertising.

Rey Mysterio: A Legendary Career, Biography, and Personal Life

1. Early Life and Beginnings: Rey Mysterio, whose real name is Óscar Gutiérrez, was born on December 11, 1974, in Chula Vista, California. He comes from a family with a wrestling background; his uncle, Rey Misterio Sr., was a well-known luchador in Mexico. Inspired by his family’s legacy, Rey began training in wrestling from a young age.

2. Lucha Libre and WCW Debut: Rey Mysterio made his professional wrestling debut in 1989, embracing the Lucha Libre style. He wrestled in various Mexican promotions, gaining fame and honing his high-flying skills. In 1996, he made his debut in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), where he quickly became a fan favourite due to his impressive athleticism and innovative moves.

3. The Cruiserweight Sensation: During his time in WCW, Rey Mysterio competed in the Cruiserweight division and stood out as one of the company’s most exciting and dynamic performers. He held the WCW Cruiserweight Championship multiple times and had memorable feuds with other top cruiserweights of the era.

4. Move to WWE: In 2002, after WCW’s closure, Rey Mysterio signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He brought his high-flying style to the global stage, captivating audiences worldwide.

5. WWE Championship Reigns: Rey Mysterio’s WWE career reached new heights when he won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 22 in 2006, defeating Randy Orton and Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat Match. This victory made him the first wrestler of Mexican descent to win the prestigious title.

6. Legacy in WWE: Throughout his tenure in WWE, Rey Mysterio was an influential figure, often regarded as one of the greatest high-flyers in wrestling history. He won numerous championships, including the Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, and several tag team titles.

7. Return to Lucha Libre and Independent Circuit: After leaving WWE in 2015, Rey Mysterio returned to the lucha libre scene in Mexico and appeared in various independent wrestling promotions. He continued to entertain fans with his unparalleled aerial manoeuvres and inspired a new generation of wrestlers.

8. WWE Comeback: Rey Mysterio made a triumphant return to WWE in 2018, much to the delight of his fans. He resumed his high-profile matches and feuds, showcasing that he still had the agility and talent that made him a wrestling icon.

9. Personal Life and Family: Rey Mysterio is a family man outside the ring. He is married to Angie Gutierrez, and together they have two children, including Dominik Gutierrez, who followed in his father’s footsteps and became a professional wrestler.

How Tall is Rey Mysterio?
How Tall is Rey Mysterio?

10. Philanthropy and Community Involvement: Rey Mysterio has been involved in various charitable activities and community outreach efforts throughout his career. He has supported organizations focusing on children’s health and well-being and initiatives that help underprivileged communities.

11. Legacy and Impact: Rey Mysterio’s impact on the wrestling industry cannot be overstated. He has inspired countless aspiring wrestlers and has been an ambassador for Lucha Libre worldwide. His innovative in-ring style and dedication to his craft have earned him a place among the all-time greats in professional wrestling.

12. Retirement and Beyond: As of the knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Rey Mysterio had not announced his retirement from professional wrestling. However, given the physically demanding nature of the sport, retirement could be a possibility in the future. Regardless of what lies ahead, Rey Mysterio’s legacy as a wrestling icon is firmly established, and he will forever be remembered for his awe-inspiring performances in the ring.

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