How Did Eddie Guerrero Die

How Did Eddie Guerrero Die: Is Eddie Guerrero Married?

How Did Eddie Guerrero Die: In the Guerrero wrestling family, Eddie Guerrero was born into a prominent position. It was easy for him to devote himself to wrestling and show business. He first participated in Mexican wrestling promotions before making his way into the mainstream ring in the United States. Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, and World Wrestling Entertainment were just a few of the organizations he soon performed for, so he quickly built up an impressive resume.

How Did Eddie Guerrero Die?

On the SmackDown! episode from November 11, 2005, Eddie Guerrero defeated Mr. Kennedy in his final match. Following his victory, he was invited to join Team SmackDown at Survivor Series 2005.

Eddie was discovered unconscious on November 13 at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center by his nephew and fellow WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero.

On November 13, 2005, WWE legend Eddie Guerrero passed away. His heart gave out before he ever developed the rare cardiovascular disease that ultimately caused his death. Many fans felt devasted after his death.

Everyone he knows is devastated by his death, especially his loved ones, friends, relatives, wrestling coach, opponents, and teammates. Many FBI officers started investigating what happened to him exactly. His opponent hit him during their most recent WWE match, and many viewers took offense.

After his death, Eddie Guerrero’s autopsy revealed that the cause of death was acute heart failure brought on by the atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. For the 2020 film Dark Side of the Ring, Chavo Guerrero said that Eddie was “barely clinging to life” when he found him.

When he passed away, Eddie Guerrero was one of the most well-known wrestlers in the world. In 2006, Latino Heat was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. After rising to prominence as a Cruiserweight star in WCW during the 1990s, Eddie made his way to WWE, where he has since become a reliable mid-card performer.

What is Heart Failure?

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Who is Eddie Guerrero?

On October 9, 1967, in El Paso, Texas, Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes entered this world. He graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in El Paso, Texas, in 1985, and then used athletic scholarships to attend both the University of New Mexico and New Mexico Highlands University.

He was born into a famous wrestling dynasty and decided to follow in his family’s footsteps by making the journey to Mexico to become a professional wrestler. As the first Máscara Mágica, Guerrero spent the first decade of his career in CMLL (a professional wrestling promotion based in Mexico City) and remained there until 1992.

Eddie Guerrero Career

In 1992, Guerrero made his debut for New Japan Pro-Wrestling under the ring name Black Tiger II. With his Latino Heat gimmick and catchphrase “I Lie! “, this trailblazing Latino wrestler became known as a charismatic and ruthless character. I Lie! “I steal!”

When he got back to the States, he won the junior heavyweight division of 1996 Best of the Super Juniors tournament. He successfully defended the U.S. Heavyweight Championship in 1997.

When Guerrero returned to WCW Monday Nitro on May 31, 1999, he was joined by Rey Mysterio Jr. and Konnan to form the tag team known as The Filthy Animals.

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On Raw Is War (January 31, 2000), he made his WWF debut as a member of The Radicalz. At The Revolution on February 24, 2002, Guerrero made his debut with the World Wrestling All-Stars by winning a Triple Threat Match for the WWA International Cruiserweight Championship against champion Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis.

As time went on, in July of 2003, Guerrero took part in a tournament for the WWE U.S. Championship. He made it to the SmackDown! Survivor Series team after defeating Mr. Kennedy via disqualification on November 11, 2005.

In 2005, he released his autobiography, titled “Cheating Death, Stealing Life,” after a catchphrase of his. On November 13, 2005, Guerrero passed away from acute heart failure caused by a preexisting condition.

Is Eddie Guerrero Married?

Is Eddie Guerrero Married

The woman who shares her life with Eddie Guerrero goes by the name Vickie. On April 24th, 1990 they tied the knot. His two daughters are Shaul Marie Guerrero and Sherilyn Amber Guerrero. During Eddie’s first wrestling match, he meets Vickie and immediately falls in love with her.

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